Why Are Campgrounds Running Background Checks on Guests?

Why Are Campgrounds Running Background Checks on Guests?

Campgrounds are conducting background checks for RV park guests. Background checks are common when it comes to renting apartments, but not RV parks and campgrounds. We found out why campgrounds are doing this and what you need to know about the people behind the scenes.Let's find out!

Campgrounds Often Run Background Checks for Long-Term Guests

Some RV parks require background checks for those applying to stay at a park for a few months or longer. Background checks also run for shorter rentals, such as 30-day stays. The RV Roundup in Montgomery, Texas, is geared towards weekly and monthly rentals.

Reasons Campgrounds Require Background Reviews

Akron Canton Jellystone Park in Ohio has a very clear policy on background checks. Some campgrounds will make decisions based on results from a background check on a case-by-case basis.

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