Why Do People Visit Haystack Rock?

Why Do People Visit Haystack Rock?

If you’ve ever seen the classic movies The Goonies or Kindergarten Cop, then you’ve witnessed Haystack Rock. One of the most iconic landmarks on the west coast, this rock isn’t an average rock. This location has history, stardom, and stunning scenic beauty, surpassed only by the nearby Pacific Ocean. If you need more reasons to visit this natural wonder, read on. Let’s get started!

Where Is Haystack Rock?

Haystack Rock is in Cannon Beach, on the northern coast of Oregon. This popular destination is 80 miles from Portland and 25 miles south of the Washington border, so it’s easy to get there.

Why Do People Visit Haystack Rock?

Getting here might be easy, but why do people visit Haystack Rock in the first place? Some may say that it’s almost like being on the location of your favorite movie set. Not only did people film scenes from The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop there, but also scenes from Twilight.

Getting to Cannon Beach is easy, but getting to Haystack Rock might take a bit of planning due to tide waters. When the tide is high, you may need to swim to get there. However, at low tide, you can walk up to Haystack Rock and take in all its 235 feet of wonder.

Can You Actually Get to Haystack Rock?

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