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Fiber Stream Co. – 1975 to 1986 – a company overview

Fiber Stream Co. – 1975 to 1986 – a company overview

We knew nothing about Fiber Stream campers when we stumbled upon the Craigslist post that led us to our “home on wheels”. However, the breadbox shape, bubbled front window, and dual axel immediately caught our attention and intrigued us to do some research.

We purchased our 1985 Fiber Stream without hesitation and have been thrilled to be part of this small community of owners and enthusiasts.



The Fiber Stream Company began in San Diego in 1975 individually manufactured by three people – a husband/wife team (the Lenards) and one additional employee. The company had a short 11 year run and relocated two times (Mira Loma & Fontana). Its unknown how many Fiber Streams were produced throughout the years, but the number must be small – we’ve yet to see another in person.

The history of this company is sparse. Details can be found among fiberglass camper message boards and deep internet surfing. We’ve found that FiberglassRV has the most active and helpful community.



Fiber Stream only made one model in their 11 years of manufacturing; a 16 foot, dual axel camper made from a fiberglass “molded-in-one-piece” body. The company’s 1985 advertisement reads, “Made for those that want class with economy”.

The campers have a front end, U-shaped dinette that converts into a king size bed. A bathroom with shower and full size closet are located at the opposite end of the camper. The kitchen consists of a range with oven and double stainless steal sink. There are four larger windows in the living area, and one small window in the bathroom.

Our 1985 Fiber Stream’s Original Specs

Here are the specs listed on the original sale material for our 1985 Fiber stream.

  • Overall Length – 16’
  • Overall Width – 80”
  • Approx Weieght – 1740 lbs
  • 480 x 12” Tandem Axel
  • Electric Breaks
  • 15 Gal. Fresh Water Capacity
  • 6 Gal. Hot Water Heater
  • 140lbs Tongue Weight
  • 76” Head Room
  • 15” Ground Clearence

We modified our Fiber Stream greatly from the original specs.


If you own a Fiber Stream or know more about the company, please respond in the comments section!

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Javier irizarry

Saturday 28th of November 2020

I would love a copy of the paper work you have on the fiber stream. I own a 1981 model. How much for those copies? [email protected]


Wednesday 30th of September 2020

I just purchased a 1981 fiber stream. It is in total gutted condition. Currently I'm installing new floors, after treating the frame for rust. The only thing I would love to find is that bubbled front window cover. Any ideas? I Intent to stick with the original design, but will actually make some improvements to it in every facet, like electrical, plumbing, etc.

Pam Guthrie

Tuesday 10th of December 2019

We have one for sale... that we purchased for our daughter but now she is moving and won’t be able to renovate and enjoy it. $3200. Here’s the link to where we have it for sale:

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