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By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

June was an amazing month; we visited three states, three great lakes, and did it all with our lowest monthly expenses to date! While this is cause for celebration, we still have budget areas to focus on trimming.

Here’s the breakdown:

Camping Fees

We camped in 10 different locations during the month of June; three nights were paid, and 27 nights were free! We used our Passport America membership for all of the paid nights and received 50% off. We were also able to score some sweet boondocking sites, overnight at Harvest Hosts and barter free-camping days as well.

We dry camped for 7 days, had partial hookups for 7 days, and full hook-ups for 16 days.

  • Total Camping Fees: $51 ($288/previous month)
  • Daily Average: $1.70 ($9.29/previous month)

Food Expenses

This category always surprises me; food expenses add up quickly! We were mindful at the grocery store, only ate out twice, and cut out cheese from our diet – and we still spent over $500 on food. Our “big ticket” food items are coconut oil, coconut milk, quinoa, walnuts & almonds, and rice pasta.

  • Total Food Expenses: $541 ($347/previous month)
  • Daily Average: $18.03 ($11.19/previous month)

Gas Expenses

This was a huge money pit. We traveled from Bloomington (IN), north through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and into Wisconsin’s Door County. We towed the camper nearly 1000 miles around some of the nation’s highest priced gas stations.

The average gallon of regular gas was $2.60, paying as high as $2.79/gal.

  • Total Gas Expenses: $369 ($287/previous month)
  • Daily Average: $12.30 ($9.26/previous month)

Other Expenses

This month “other expenses” consisted of an RV power adaptor, Harvest Hosts products, laundry, propane, toiletries, and a dog harness. We were glad to keep this category under $100 bucks.

  • Total Other Expenses: $84 ($112/previous month)
  • Daily Average: $2.80 ($3.61/previous month)

The Monthly Cost of RV Living

June was our most successful budget month, and we consider that a great accomplishment – especially since we were in an expensive part of the country with few boondocking options. As we go forward we’ll continue to focus on free & cheap camping, and keeping our food costs in check.

After the “June Living Expenses” line, you’ll notice the “Fixed Expenses” line. Fixed Expenses is the combination of our unchanging monthly bills – insurance, internet, cell, student loan, and subscription services.

  • Total June Living Expenses: $1045 ($1248/previous month)
  • Total Fixed Expenses: $400
  • Total Cost of June RV Living: $1445 ($1648/previous month)
  • Daily Average: $48.17 ($53.16)


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    1. That expense line is located in the bottom section where all the numbers are totaled. Our fixed expenses are quite low, at $400 a month. We’re fortunate to not rely on prescriptions and focus on eating a healthy plant based diet with lots of exercise.

  1. Hi Kyle and Olivia, My wife and I have enjoyed following your posts and have had a lot of discussions about hitting the road. It probably won’t happen for a while but I think we will keep moving our life in that direction, we will be ready when the time comes. What part of Wisconsin are you in, we live near Hudson Wi. If it’s on your way you are welcome to stay with us for a while?

      1. We don’t currently have insurance, so hopefully we will have an answer for you in the future! In the meantime we have a savings for unexpected expenses and take preventative measures through a plant-based diet and mindful nutrition and exercise.

    1. During June we had no vehicle maintenance expenses. Last month we had around $100 in truck maintenance, and in July we’ll need an oil change (hopefully nothing else)!

  2. What did you do to barter for camping spots? Work wise? Do you contact the locations in advance? How do you approach them? Any advice is appreciated, I am getting ready to start full time and will be working digitally while traveling.

  3. Have you tried mail ordering your expensive staples from Amazon or Vitacost? You can get the items delivered to General Delivery or a local UPS store if you make arrangement ahead of time, and usually postage free. The costs of high-priced items such as quinoa in either a regular grocery store or a health food store seem outrageous to me compared to what I can get through the above entities. Grains store well and don’t take up much room, no matter how small your storage area is. Just make sure they are inside rodent-safe containers. A shoebox-sized container will hold nearly a month’s worth of whole grains/legumes for two people.

    Virtual hugs,


      1. I haven’t used it yet. It doesn’t ship very quickly so we will have to stay put awhile or pay extra for shipping. Just curious about it, really.

  4. Thanks for consistently publishing these. I’ve been trying to prove to my MiL that a budget of $2000/mo is a sane one for fulltime RV/trailer travel. That’s a number I’ve seen supported by your blog and many others but she just keeps insisting it’s unreasonable… posts like this help me regain my confidence.

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