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Free Camping at Quincy Lake, Washington

As we continue our path to the Pacific coast, Quincy Lake was our last stop before crossing the Cascade Mountains. The site is listed on Campenduim (as a free site) and on FreeCampsites (as a permit site). Quincy Lake camping does require a Washington Discover Pass; it can be purchased online for $30 and is valid for a year.

Here’s the breakdown:


Location: Quincy, Washington

GPS47.1409, -119.926

Date/Temp: We camped at Quincy Lake during the first week of September. Highs were in the low 80s with a low of 50 in the early morning. The skies were sunny for most of our stay.

Amenities: The campground offers no hookups or water faucets. There are two vault toilets located on both sides of the park. Most sites have a fire pit and a few have waterfront access.


Wifi/Cell: The WeBoost cell booster worked wonders at Quincy Lake. Before a boost, our T-Mobile hotspot received two bars of 4G LTE – after the boost, we got five full bars of blazing fast connection. Our AT&T received a week signal that wavered between 3G & 4G.

Noise: Despite a large music festival going on five miles away, Quincy Lake campground was quiet during our entire stay. The sites are spread out and private.


Grocery/Errands: We’d recommend completing all your errands before coming to Quincy Lake. The closest gas station is 10 miles away, and a grocery store further. We drove to Moses Lake to stop by the grocery outlet; there’s probably a closer option, but we enjoy shopping there.

Dog Friendly: The campground is dog friendly, but beware or broken glass. There are lots of bees in the area, too. River loves chasing them, but she got bit on the tongue one day!


Entertainment: Nature is the entertainment here. Quincy Lake is peaceful and gave as the opportunity to slow down and connect with the environment. Let’s not forget, we also got great cellular internet here, too! Many football games & tv shows were streamed.

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