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Free Camping in Ajo, AZ | Dry Camping & Boondocking

As we sought out hot temps to escape the winter blues, Ajo was a prime location. There are a couple of free camping options in the area; based on reviews we chose Darby Well Road.

Watch the video:


Here’s the breakdown:

Location: Darby Well Road, Ajo, AZ

GPS32.3393, -112.8495

Date/Temp: We pulled into Darby Well Road in early February and the temps were hot! We had days in the 80s & nights in the 50s.

Amenities: The campsite offers no amenities. It’s true dry-camping, so make sure you bring water, food, and power! There are a few RO water stations in the town, but absolutely no dumpsters to be found. If you need to refresh & dump all your tanks, there are a few RV parks in the area.


Wifi/Cell: Cellular Internet connection is varied. Verizon receives service towards the front of Darby Well Road, but our T-Mobile was in & out. At times, with the booster, we could get T-Mo 4G… at other times, nothing. 

Noise: While the location is remote, speeding border patrol trucks disturb the peace at all hours of the day and night. We don’t recommend this site if you’re looking for complete silence.

Grocery/Errands: Ajo is a small town, but has most of the necessities. We made trips to the local grocer, post office and a few thrift stores. If you need to do major grocery shopping or have specific needs, we recommend stocking up before heading south.


Dog Friendly: The campground is dog friendly but there is a lot of broken glass and rusty cans on the ground. River enjoyed playing in the sand and laying in the sun.

Entertainment: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is 20 miles away and well worth a trip. We camped at Darby Well Road with a group of friends and enjoyed socializing and hosting outdoor movie night.

UPDATE: We’ve begun work on a new music project! In April we’ll enter the recording studio to capture an album inspired by life on the road. If you’ve found our blogs informative or inspirational, please give this a look. We need your help to complete the album.


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  1. tej3rdjp says:

    The glass is one reason we decided to move on from Darby Well. I still can’t wrap my head around all the glass everywhere, it went on for 8 miles. We headed south to Gunsite Wash just south of Why. Night and day difference, what an awesome place. A little tricky with a 33ft 5th wheel. You guys could get lost back here. No boarder patrol yet!!!

  2. J says:

    Gunsite Wash is nice. In early 2017 the night time Border Patrol was an awesome sight to see. Helicopters, with spotlights, and lots of drones. flying about, as well as plenty of Patrols. Still there is a great bunch of snowbirds camping there that keep the place nice. Once a week there is a group that plays music at the community center in why which can be entertaining. Anyone with a little talent can join in.