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Free Camping in Texas / Fort Anahuac Park

Our coastal path from Corpus Christi to Alabama has been full of sand & sun … a little too much to be honest. Once we left Galveston, we didn’t want to camp on the beach again for at least a few days.

Fortunately, we found the perfect solution – a grassy waterfront boondocking spot at Fort Anahuac Park located on the peaceful Trinity Bay.

There is a three-day stay limit and all campers must register at the commissioners office (1 mile away).

Watch the video:


Here’s the breakdown:

Location: Anahuac, Texas

GPS:  29.7558, -94.6877

Date/Temp: We pulled into Fort Anahuac Park in early March. The temps were pretty mild, 70s during the day and 60s during the night. It remained overcast for the three days we camped here.


Amenities: While this site offers no hook-ups, they do have bathroom facilities. The park also provides numerous trash cans located throughout the grounds. There is a sign that states all RVs must be self contained.

Wifi/Cell: Cellular Internet connection was good here. Our AT&T and T-Mobile had 4G connectivity – fast enough to stream movies and upload YouTube videos.

Noise: There is a moderate amount of traffic at Fort Anahuac Park. Many locals launch their boats nearby and others fish on the pier. High school kids also drive by after school with thumping stereo systems. All of these “peace-disruptions” were brief and didn’t leave a lasting impact on our experience.


Grocery/Errands: There aren’t many shopping options in Anahuac aside from gas station snacks. The town also has a Dairy Queen & Subway. We’d recommend arriving with food, or leaving once you run out… there’s just not much in this town. 

Dog Friendly: Fort Anahuac Park is dog friendly. River loved rolling around in the grass. Our only concern was the presence of snakes. We didn’t see any, but it seems like an ideal environment for them!

Entertainment: We streamed lots of Netflix during our stay. The overcast weather wasn’t very motivating. This is a great place for fishing, though… so bring your poles. Its also enjoyable to sit outside an watch the wildlife.


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