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Top 5 Outdoor RV Gear

With summer in full swing, we thought it would be helpful to share our top 5 pieces of Outdoor RV Gear. This “Five for Friday” list is a collection of items we’ve found extra useful for enjoying life outside the RV.

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#1 – Outdoor RV Mat

An outdoor RV mat is the first piece of any great outdoor living space. The mat creates a uniform surface, protecting feet from rocks or prickers. It helps keep dirt out of the RV. And, it defines the area of your most important room – the RV patio!

It took us over a year to learn the importance of an RV mat, but now we don’t set up camp without it.


#2 – The Outland Fire Bowl

We love campfires, but we can’t stand smelling like smoke or going to bed worried that the fire wasn’t smothered correctly. The Outland Fire Bowl has been the perfect solution. It hooks up to a propane tank using a ten foot line and has a simple ignition & flame controller. The fire bowl produces no smoke at all, but still creates an authentic campfire vibe. When we’re ready to call it a night, we simply turn the fire off and place the lid over it.

We’ve increased our campfire nights by at least 1000% with the Outland Fire Bowl!


#3 – Comfy Outdoor Chair

During our first year and a half on the road we mindlessly used $15 outdoor lawn chairs. They were uncomfortable and poorly made – we had no clue what we were missing. Finally, after seeing these in Quartizsite, we decided to purchase two moon chairs.

These chairs fold up like typical camping chairs, but they have a unique saucer shape. They look cool and are super comfortable! We like them because they increase comfort without taking up more space. If space isn’t a concern, you might want to try the suspension chairs!


#4 – Outdoor Dog Bed

After upgrading out seats, we thought it was only appropriate to upgrade our pups outdoor bed, too! It was important that we found a comfy bed for her, but also one that could get wet and be easily cleaned.

This is an example of the bed we bought River. We like that it can be sprayed with a hose – or, can get wet if we forget to bring it in from the rain 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.18.16 PM.png

#5 – Screened Pavilion

This is the one piece of RV gear we need to buy! We learned the hard way that all pavilions aren’t created equally. The first pavilion we used was great for shade, but didn’t have an option for adding a screen.

A screened in pavilion would’ve been an ideal addition to our outdoor gear, instead of the open air one we originally purchased.


Bonus Item – Camco Water Filter

A water filter isn’t the most fun piece of gear to buy – but, it sure does make tap water so much better! We love the inexpensive Camco Water Filter. It’s easy to use and gets the job done. The only downside is that we have to replace it every two months because wi use it so much.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.28.12 PM.png

Thanks for reading our blog! Our mission is to live minimally & deliberately as we explore the earth and it’s many communities. Help support our mission by shopping through our Amazon Link, visiting our Etsy shop, or better still, purchase a signed copy of our new album, “Among The Giants”!


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