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Honda vs. Dirty Hand Tools – 2000w Inverter Generator Comparison

Earlier this week we reviewed the new Dirty Hand Tools 2000w Inverter Generator. In order to give it a true test, we preformed a head to head comparison with the industry standard – a Honda EU2000i generator.

The head to head includes generator specs, price comparison, added features, a run-time test, and decibel level challenge.

If you’d like to research for yourself – hear are the links to the Honda and the Dirty Hand Tools units.

Here’s the Breakdown:


Price Comparison

We’ll begin with a price comparison. This is one of the only categories where DHT takes a huge lead. The DHT unit starts at $444 on Amazon, compared to the $1099 from the Honda. If you need a genny and can’t spend more than $500, then the choice is easy… but, if your budget is flexible then read on!

ALSO, if your budget is $500 or less the DHT is a great option – but, also consider the Westinghouse 2500w,  the Goplus 2400, and the Firman 2000.


Size Comparison

The size of these two units is pretty comparable. The DHT genny is thinner and taller, weighing 46 pounds. The Honda unit weighs 51 pounds and feels a little more compact due to its shorter height. Both units have a hefty handle making them easy to carry.

hawaii copy.png

Wattage Comparison

The peak wattage for both of these units is 2000w. The DHT generator runs at a continuous 1700w, while the Honda runs at 1600w continuously. Neither of the generators can power our AC.

hawaii copy 2.png

Run Time Comparison

Both companies use their run-time numbers as selling points, but what really matters to us is, how long do they actually run while connected to our RV. To test this we filled the tanks with gas and ran them bone dry while hooked up to our rig… we did this multiple times with both.

The DHT generator ran between 5-6 hours and the Honda ran between 7-8 hours. We were surprised how quickly the DHT genny ran through the gas. Depending on how often you use your generator, the Honda could end up saving you money on gas consumption.

hawaii copy 3.png

Receptacle Comparison

Depending on your needs, this could be another deal breaker. The Honda, unlike the DHT, has a 30amp receptacle. It also has a standard 120ac receptacle.

The DHT unit does have a few unique features including a 12v lighter and a UBS receptacle – in addition to two 120ac receptacles.

hawaii copy 4.png

Decibel Test

Now for the comparison we’ve been most excited about – the decibel test! We’re using the app, dB Meter, to conduct this test. It isn’t extremely accurate for true dB readings, but it will give us a good base to accurately compare the two units.

When we ran both units on eco mode the DHT measured 63dB and the Honda measured 55dB. Both generators sounded relatively quiet, but the DHT unit sounded looser, as though parts interior parts were shaking around.

hawaii copy 5.png

Next, we ran both units on Full Mode. The Honda’s dB had a larger increase at 64dB, but the DHT was still louder overall measuring 68dB.


If you have a tight budget and need a genny, the DHT unit would be a good choice. But, at the end of the day, the Honda EU2000i seems more thoughtfully manufactured, more fuel efficient, and quieter. The $1099 is steep, but the product is complete quality.

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  1. Bob Ide says:

    I love my Honda 2000. I concur with your conclusions. Also, there is an additional plus in my mind is that there plenty of Honda places around the country for servicing these generators which is a comforting thought — personally

  2. Margaret McLaren says:

    I own a couple of Honda 2000s bur they are useless because I don’t have the strength to start them. Disappointed Honda had no entry in the electric start , let alone a remote start. Looking at the 3500 Champions for this reason but concerned about noise level. But it is that or freeze all night .
    Any input would be most appreciated.

  3. Ron Wayne says:

    I found you need 4000 watt generator to run RV air conditioner. Never let the generator run out of gas while using the air conditioner , it might damage the compressor because of low voltage. The 30 amp outlet on the generator is great to have. You can plug the trailer cord right into it. Inverter generator is better choice for trailer because of all the electronic equipment you find in it. A standard generator is good for running power tools. Low oil shut down feature is good to have on generator. Living in Florida with the hurricanes I get to us my generator a lot. My longest was fourteen days. I also take a regular box fan and let it blow on the generator to improve temperature cooling. Next go around I might upgrade to a dual fuel generator ( propane and gasoline ). It is a pain getting gasoline for generator. The Honda looks good to me.

  4. Robert Stessel says:

    Cheery Hi from Maine,
    Enjoyed the video on Honda/Dirty Hands generator comparison.

    A question: Are the fuel tank capacities the same or if different, did you put the same amount of fuel in each for test?

    A comment: I would have also done the noise test under 1/2 load and under full load. More like the conditions they would be used under.

    73 de K1WXY