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Free Camping in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Our Thanksgiving plans have us moving towards LA… but before arriving to SoCal, we wanted to take advantage of the great Free Camping throughout Arizona.

Lake Havasu City is notorious for its boondocking options and scenic landscapes. We set up camp at Craggy Wash: a 14-day, free camping spot on BLM land.

The free campsite is listed on Campendium & FreeCampsites. Its easy to access and can accommodate large 5th Wheel rigs, but Class A’s may have an issue with low clearance dips in the road.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Location: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

GPS34.5935, -114.3619

Date / Temp: We camped here for 4 nights in early November. The highs were in the 80s with lows in the 60s. It was warmer than we would’ve liked, but the rock formations create shade later in the day.

Amenities: This site offers no amenities and practices a “Pack In, Pack Out” policy.  We couldn’t find a free, potable water spigot anywhere. There are many filtered water options in town ($0.75 per 5 gallons). Also, there are so many trash cans in town that are easily accessed on city land. 

Wifi / Cell: We received a 4G LTE signal with both AT&T and T-Mobile (using our WeBoost Cell Booster). The speeds were amazing! We could easily stream music & movies and upload YouTube videos super quickly.

Noise: This site had TONS of campers, but we were able to find a semi-private location. Generators hummed in the distance, but that never bothers us. If you’re looking for complete solitude, this spot probably isn’t for you.

Grocery / Errands: Downtown Lake Havasu is 8 miles from the campsite and offers every shopping option we could want. There is a Walmart & Home Depot only 2 miles from camp. We were very pleased with the ease of errand running & project completion!

Dog Friendly: This site is dog friendly. River had a lot of space to play and explore. 

Entertainment: There is a lot to do in Lake Havasu! We enjoyed the walking & biking trails. And, we can’t forget to mention, the London Bridge is now located in Lake Havasu! It’s kind of underwhelming, but a fun tidbit to check out.

If you’re interested in viewing all the free campsites we visit, click here!

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  1. carl2591 says:

    another great info video.. really appreciate the GPS numbers you provide. In the info you mentioned the lack of water out there but water was in town for .75 for 5 gallons?? did i read that right? filtered water for .75 for 5 gallons is a DEAL.. around our area, Raleigh NC, the glacier water guys it like .35 cent a gallon..

    have a good and safe trip to home and thanks again
    carl karen newton

  2. Dan/Patty says:

    We really love your posts and videos. So much good useful information. We plan to spend much of the winter in Arizona and New Mexico before heading up to Oregon for the summer. One quest I have is why you chose AT@T and T-Mobile over Verizon for your cell service. We have Verizon right now but are thinking we need a second source since we’ve been in areas with no service.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. ljevtich says:

    We are a hop, skip, and jump from you in Laughlin, NV staying at Avi Casino dry dock. We plan on heading to that area soon.

  4. Chantal says:

    Great video! Thank you for the details you give, they are perfect for newbies like us!

    Question: when you drive on a road looking for a boondocking spot, at what point do you decide that “this is a spot, let’s set up camp here”? Other than previous signs of occupation like a fire ring or someone else’s GPS coordinates, how do you know that what you look at is a spot, not just another tree with a path around it?

    Thank you & we are looking forward to your session at the Convergence in Jan 2018!