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Essential Camping Gear Guide

It’s almost summer and we’re in the camping mood! In fact, we just finished filming with Epic Nomad TV to document the RV Life experience. As we were scanning still images from the shoot, the one below popped out at us because it captured the essence of our boondocking style.

must have

Let’s break this image down and go over each piece that we pointed out. While we use a lot of additional gear – these pieces above were all captured nicely in their organic environment 😍

1. Mountain Standard Trucker Hat

Okay, we understand, not everyone is into headwear. BUT … if you love Colorado vibes and keeping your eyes shaded, we highly recommend checking out the goods at Mountain Standard. They offer a wide selection of hiking gear, graphic tees and even trail supplies. 

2. Fan-Tastic Rooftop Vent

We installed our Fan-Tastic Rooftop Vent last summer and have been staying cool ever since. On blistering hot days, the vent can’t compete with an AC; it can, however, keep a cool breeze blowing through the rig using very little power.

The vent fits most RV rooftop cut-outs and wires directly into the DC electrical system. We installed ours with relative ease. Here’s a video about the vent and our experience with it:

3. Renogy Solar Panels

Solar power is an ideal energy source if off-grid camping is your desire! We have two, 100 watt panels on our roof. It creates enough energy to keep us supplied with juice for a few days (we do travel with backup power that we’ll discuss shortly).

If you’re not sure about solar power, test it out with this affordable starter kit. You can always increase your supply if needed!

4. WeBoost Cell Booster

Of all the items on this list, the WeBoost Cell Booster is our very favorite! Here’s what a cell booster does: when we’re camping out in the boonies and only have one weak bar of cell service, the booster can often amplify the signal to 3 or 4 bars – creating enough signal strength for Netflix or Hulu streaming.

Since we’re full time traveling nomads that work from the road – having reliable internet connectivity is a MUST!

5. Ax & Shovel

To be completely honest, we barely ever use the ax or shovel. They were mounted on our rig to make it look a little more masculine 😜 But, those two tools definitely serve a purpose for off grid camping.

Let us know what you think about the ax & shovel in the comments section!

6. Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator

Last, but surely not least, is the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator. This bad boy keeps our rig as cool as a meat locker during the heat of the summer. We are able to run our air conditioner with just one of these generators and it is the quietest genny on the market.

On days when our solar panels can’t keep up with our energy needs, the Honda 2200 is a powerful & light weight option for backup power.


Hopefully this info has been helpful! We’d love to hear all about your essential camping gear – leave us your favorites in the comment section.

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  1. Jeffrey Miller says:

    I really enjoy your videos and seeing America through your eyes. Your tips are great and I think the Airstream rebuild is cool.
    Please enter me for the Sure Call.
    Thanks for all y’all are doing.

  2. Hugh Warren says:

    Thanks for all your content. Very interesting. It would be great if you could become sort of a clearing house for people who offer installation service and non mechanically inclined nomads like me.
    I would like to get some of the essentials covered on your blog.

  3. Dorin furman says:

    Any suggestions on where to buy a rv, camper for beginners on a low income?

  4. Dave Krauskoff says:

    A shovel, ax and a rake (plastic leaf) are essential. Why the rake you ask so when camping in wooded sites you can easily rake up kindling much faster less work than bending over to pick up small sticks. Also propane torch excellent for starting fires