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5 Epic Cloudland Canyon Camping Options for Your Family

Cloudland Canyon camping has been a beloved tradition in northern Georgia for a long time. This Georgia State Park is home to miles of hiking trails. They also host a beautiful disc golf corse, tennis courts and an interpretive center.

However, planning your weekend camping trip to Cloudland Canyon isn’t as easy as it seems. This is because the park offers so many different camping options. To know which will work best for you, you’ll have to consider group size, desired activities and the amount of amenities you’ll need.

Well, we’re here to help! Today we’ll be sharing 5 ways to camp at Cloudland Canyon and the pros & cons to each style.

Each camping style will have a Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes rating. This will help you gauge the amount of fun & “connection to outdoors” of each option.

Let do this!

Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon Camping: RV & Trailer Sites

RV & trailer camping is like having your own little hotel on wheels! Cloudland Canyon makes this option pretty easy by offering over 70 sites for RVs & trailers. The sites can accommodate 30 or 50 amp electrical and some offer full hook ups.

Be sure to pay attention to the site amenities when booking – not all sites have water/sewage and site length varies greatly.

PROS: Family vacations in an RV are as American as it gets! These sites will allow you to have many creature comforts and be a few steps away from the beauties of nature. If your RV doesn’t have a shower, there are bath houses available nearby.

CONS: Not all sites are created equally. You may not get a pull through site or a full hook up site. As I know from experience, backing into an RV spot with my wife’s assistance can turn into a big mess 😂 Don’t be the campground entertainment – practice maneuvering and communicating before you make your public debut!

Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes: 7.5/10 This is a solid camping choice. It should set you up for an easy family weekend trip.

Cloudland Canyon Camping: Yurts

Yurts have become all the rage! It’s like a tent on steroids…or kind of like a miniature circus tent. Some even call this “glamping.” Either way, if you’re looking for a new experience that your kids will love…give these things a try.

The yurts can sleep 6 people. They have electrical outlets and, for security, you can lock the doors. A fan and small heater are also provided with each yurt.

PROS: It’s fun and family friendly! Sleeping in a big tent on rustic bunk beds sounds like quite a treat for the kids. If you don’t have and RV and don’t want to rough it in a small tent, these yurts may be the perfect option for your large family.

CONS: Dogs aren’t allowed in the yurts. The family pups are gonna have to stay at home for this trip. Also, the yurts don’t provide a bathroom or shower. You’ll have to take a short stroll to the public bath house if nature calls 😂 The yurt costs $100 per night.

Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes: 8.2/10 This is way more fun than RV camping! Sure it costs a little more, but it’ll give you that true basecamp vibe for your outdoor weekend.

Cloudland Canyon Camping: Tents

Tenting is the most affordable of all the camping options. It’ll also get you the closest (literally) to nature. The reservation system will allow you to browse site locations and view pictures so you don’t have to scout sites when you arrive.

The sites have fire pits and water available.

PROS: Starting at $20 per night, tenting won’t break the bank. It’ll also encourage you to get out and explore the park. This is the best way to come into close contact with nature – many teachable moments for the kids.

CONS: While tenting won’t break the bank, it may break your back! Sure there’s a lot of fancy tenting gear out there that will provide comfort, but if you’re stocking up your gear at Walmart…don’t expect too much! Weather also has a big impact on your enjoyability. I’ve seen lots of tenting trips end early due to rain.

Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes: 5.9/10 I’ll admit it, I’m not a camping purist. Tent camping comes with WAY too many variables. Weather, critters, uncomfortable sleeping arrangement: these are vibe-killers for me.

cloudland Canyon Camping: Tent

cloudland Canyon Camping: Tent

Cloudland Canyon Camping: Pioneer Sites

If you’re on the fence about tent camping, consider a Pioneer site. The sites are designed for tent camping, but also come with an open-face hut shelter. They also require a hike-in..which really gives it a fun pioneer vibe.

Unlike the standard tent sites, pioneer sites don’t have nearby electricity available. There is water access, though.

PROS: It’s a fun off-grid experience with lots of privacy. These sites can accommodate multiple tents and have a big fire ring & BBQ for cooking. Pioneer camping is way better than just plopping your tent in the main campground loop.

CONS: You’ll be further from the bath house. A pit toilet may be available, but those aren’t ideal. Having no electricity on site means your cell will eventually run out of battery.

Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes: 6.9/10 The concept is cool. If you have adventurous kids – they might really enjoy this pioneer experience.

Cloudland Canyon Camping: Group Lodge

Are you planning an epic outdoor adventure for 40 people?! If so…good luck 😂 But, really, the group lodge at Cloudland Canyon might be just what you’re looking for.

It can sleep up to 40 people, it has mens & womens bathrooms with showers, and a full kitchen with utensils available!

PROS: It’ll make your big trip much easier. The lodge keeps you connected to nature and helps you keep track of the 40 kids camping with you! As of this publication date, it only costs $225 a night + small security deposit. If you have the 40 person max group size, that comes to less than $6 a head.

CONS: You won’t get much privacy with a group this big and a lodge that has an open air design.

Cloudland Canyon Camping Vibes: 7.2/10 Even if you have a group of 10, $225 isn’t that expensive. The lower the group number, the more interesting of an option this become!

For this, and all of the other option, visit Cloudland Canyons website.

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