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The Ultimate Area 51 Camping Guide

The Ultimate Area 51 Raid Camping Guide

If you’re looking for a unique weekend getaway, an Area 51 camping trip may be just what you need!

Let’s be clear – there’s no way in hell you’ll be camping at the actual Area 51 site, much less the government land surrounding it. However, you can find nearby campgrounds to act as your alien-weekend basecamp.

There are two main sections of the camping guide: paid & free camping. The paid sites will provide amenities like electricity and water. The free sites provide no amenities and are considered dry camping.

Let’ dive it!

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Private Campgrounds near Area 51

The private campgrounds we feature will include amenity info, price and user reviews. Make sure to call ahead and check availability.

Fort Amargosa RV Park

Price: around $25

Why You’ll Love It: This is the closest RV park to the official Area 51. Better still, it’s within walking distance to the Area 51 Alien Center. This will most likely be a hot spot during Area 51 Raid weekend.

The RV park provides the following amenities – water, electric, sewer. This is a bare bones RV park, but for this specific purpose, it provides great location.

What’s The Word: A recent Campendium reviewer says, “We called ahead to see if they were open. Larry, the manager told us to drive past the registration trailer, pick a spot, and get our A/C going. They would find us. We did just that and he showed up a few minutes later to collect the $25 fee. We stayed two nights to recuperate from driving straight through the night before.”

Area 51 Vibes: 9.3/10 Great location & across the street from the Alien Center.

Death Valley Inn & RV Park

Price: around $40

Why You’ll Love It: This RV park has a few extra amenities, and an Inn on site. It’s located north of Area 51. However, in relative terms, it’s still pretty close to the action. They have washrooms available that are clean and well maintained.

If you have an RV – these sites do provide full hookups with water, electric and sewer.

What’s The Word: Bob on Campendium says, “On my way to Death Valley National Park and decided to stay a night at this campground. The campground is quiet nice with full hook-up but no picnic tables. The washrooms are clean and modern. Although the campground is quite close to RT95, the traffic was light and was not noisy. There are very few stores in the town but it is an interesting walk around the small town”

Area 51 Vibes: 7.3/10 Further away, but better quality RV park.

Space Station RV Park

Price: around $30

Why You’ll Love It: To begin with, the outer space theme is a plus. Additionally, the staff provides good service. But, this is another bare bones RV park. Sites have full hook ups (30 amps only) and are level…but that’s the extent of the amenities.

What’s The Word: Wolfpack on Campendium says, “This place is a bit small but has spaces that fit all RVs. They have only 30 amps. Half campers are full time. With a few seasonals. They sell propane and small grocery. Can walk around area with sidewalk. Post office about 100 feet away. Nice staff. Traffic is reduced to 25mph so noise is minimal as can be.”

Area 51 Vibes: 6.7/10 It’s an ok choice

Free Camping for Area 51

Free camping, like stated earlier, means no amenities. This is ideal for tents, cars, trucks and small RVs. Anyone who enjoys camping off-grid will fit well at these spots.

After we feature the free campsites, we’ll provide a checklist of items you’ll need if you decide on this option.

Big Dune Dispersed

Price: FREE

Why You’ll Love it: This free campsite is one of the closest to Area 51. In addition to tents and vans, this site can fit large RVs (if you’re adventurous). Verizon and AT&T have reported service at this site.

There’s no shade here, so be prepared for hot afternoons!

What’s The Word: John on Campendium says, “Big Dune is a five square mile giant mound of sand located in the Amorgosa Valley. It’s a great area for ATVs and dune buggies. The entrance road to Big Dune (also known as Amorgosa Sand Dunes) is easy to find from US95. There is a road sign 1 mile ahead of the turn from either direction, and another sign just at the turn itself.”

Area 51 Vibes: 10/10 The best free camping near Area 51

Indian Springs Valley Dispersed

Price: FREE

Why You’ll Love It: This free camping spot is the second closest to Area 51 – and, all things considered, probably the second best campsite in terms of access. Long trailers and RVs are not recommended to camp here. It’s best for tents & vans.

What’s The Word: Chris on Campendium says, “This is a well marked turnoff onto Forest Road 553 on the south side of US-95 (there was a sign saying “forest Road” before the turn). There is a medium sized gravel lot on the right side just after turning onto the road and a smaller pullout on the left side just beyond a small dry wash and cattle guard. The dry wash may be a bit too deep/steep to negotiate with longer trailers so it may be best to stick to the first spot.”

Area 51 Vibes: 9.1/10 This ranks 2nd in our opinion for Area 51 Raid Weekend camping.

Area 51 Weekend Dry Camping Checklist

These free campsites usually offer no services. That means you’ll be responsible for your electricity, water supply, waste collection and overall comfort. Whether you’re van-camping, tenting or RVing – this checklist gives you a good starting point.

  1. Water: At the very least, bring multiple jugs of drinking water. If you’re in an RV, fill up the fresh tank before setting up camp.
  2. Electricity: There are a few options for staying charged while camping at Area 51. For tents & vans, having a portable battery station (like a Goal Zero) will keep your electronics charged without draining your vehicle battery. For RVers, carrying a small inverter generator is your best bet.
  3. Food: Stock up before you make the trip to Area 51. There aren’t a lot of great grocery options near Area 51.
  4. Trash Bags: Bring a couple trash bags with you. If you have extra bags, pick up the campsite and leave it better than you found it!
  5. Bathroom: While some campsites have a vault toilet, always come prepared with another option. For tent & van campers, we recommend bringing a small cassette toilet. RVers – make sure your black tank is empty before arrival.
  6. Camping Stove: You’ll need a way to cook your dinner. We recommend one of these top propane camping stoves for your culinary arts!
  7. Camping Chair: It may seem obvious, but you won’t want to forget a quality camping chair. Here are 11 camping chairs we love.
  8. Additional Comforts: Sunglasses, sun block, bug spray, maps, hammock, pocket knife, binoculars, umbrellas, first aid kit.

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