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By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

The Don’ts of RV Park Camping

Whether you love or hate RV park camping, there’s a certain etiquette to follow when  staying at an RV park. That’s why we’re sharing the “7 Don’ts of RV Park Camping.”

This article isn’t written to shame or criticize RVers (I’ve broken many of these “rules” myself). Rather, it’s to help educate RV travelers about the nuances of RV park camping. Feel free to share this article as a kind nudge to anyone that needs a little RV education.

With that said, this list doesn’t include basic human decency rules. We all know being kind and observing the Golden Rule is the best way to make friends at the RV park.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Don’t Walk Through Occupied RV Park Sites

Walking through an occupied RV site is rude. Sure, it may provide a quicker route to the bathroom or pool area, but no one likes to see someone right outside their RV window…we all know RV sites aren’t big in the first place.

This rule seems to be broken mostly by kids excited to reach their ideal amenity (playground, pool, splash pad). While we can’t fault a kid for being excited, it’s in everyone’s best interest to share this simple rule with their youngins.

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#2 Don’t Leave Your Dog’s Poop on the Ground

Please, for the love of all that is holy, pick up your dog’s poop! No one wants to step in a fresh pile of dookie.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how small your dog or your dog’s poop is, it needs to be picked up. Just a few days ago our RV neighbor let their tiny pup out, off leash, to poop in our site…and never picked it up.

RV Camping Dog Poop

#3 Don’t Speed Through the RV Park

Of all the rules, this is the one I’m most guilty of breaking. My wife has to constantly remind me to slow down in the RV park.

Speeding through a crowded RV park is dangerous. Kids, pets, bicycles…they can come outta nowhere! Even though 5mph may seem painfully slow, I encourage you to follow the speeding rules.

#4 Don’t Gawk at Fellow RVers Trying to Back into a Site

Watching RVers try to back into their sites can definitely be entertaining. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve had your share of challenging back-in moments.

Please don’t stare at your RV neighbors while they unsuccessfully back in!

Backing in can be embarrassing and lead to many arguments, the last thing anyone wants is an audience for that.

#5 Don’t Build a Smoky Campfire in an RV Park

Camping in nature (National Park, State Park, boondocking) is a perfectly acceptable place to display campfire building skills. A smoky campfire at an RV park, however, affects many innocent bystanders.

With so many smokeless campfire options, don’t be they guy who smokes-out the RV park.

Campfire while RV Camping.jpg

#6 Don’t Judge How Others Do It

Some people display yard signs, others like pink flamingos and some like privacy – live and let live 🤟 We all camp for different reasons. And, we all stay at RV parks for different reasons.

We encourage all RVers to keep an open mind and refrain from judging fellow RVers. There’s enough judging that happens in the “real world”…let’s keep camping special!

#7 Don’t Stay at an RV Park too Expensive for your Budget

We’ve broken this rule before and it usually makes for a bad stay. A high priced RV park doesn’t mean it’ll be great. It usually means you’re camping near a city. We like to stay within our means. It makes us much less stressed!

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  1. Here are two more:

    Don’t let your dog run loose EVER! Just because your dog usually obeys you doesn’t mean they always will.
    Don’t run your generator constantly

    1. Totally agree….loose dogs in a campground is definitely WRONG & unfair to the other campers. We’ve been afraid to walk around some campgrounds after being chased down by some loose dogs & the owners, who had no control over them, saying “don’t worry, they’re friendly” as they approached us growling & barking.

  2. Try the National Forest Campgrounds. Less of everything you don’t want, people, sites, smoke, pools and playgrounds. And more of the things you do want, space between sites, trees, shade and most of all quiet.

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