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RV Bike Racks: Decent, Better, and Best

RV Bike Racks: Decent, Better, and Best

Country lanes, mountain bike trails, coastal boardwalks, and urban errands.  Just a few reasons why biking it the most popular hobby among RV travelers.  

Having a bike adds to the adventure of RVing. 

You can plan anything, from a full day of mountain biking or just a spin around the campground.  In an urban setting, they are perfect for a quick trip to the store. 

Better still, if you’re camping at a Harvest Host Winery (for free!) you can tour the vineyards by bike!

What Type of Bikes Do RV Owners Prefer?

There are mountain bikes, beach bikes, road bikes, and even an array of electric bikes.  We personally use an e-bike. It allows us to ride up to 20 miles (without pedaling, and) without breaking a sweat.

The e-bike trend is rising among all ages of RVers.

Whether you buy an e-bike or a traditional bike, consider where you want to ride. If you’ll be on sidewalks and roads, traditional tires will be great. If you want to bike off-road, we recommend extra wide bike tires.

How Do You Transport Your Bike with an RV?

This article is all about RV bike racks, and it is just as important as picking the perfect bike for your needs.  

As you consider which bike rack to purchase, answer a few questions:

  • How much does your bike weigh?  (Remember, electric bikes are heavy due to added battery weight)
  • Where are you going to mount your rack?  On the back of your motorhome? On your tow vehicle or on your toad?
  • What is your personal off & on-load capability?  Can you quickly lift your bike to a high mounted rack?  Can you easily lift the weight of the rack itself?

Answer the questions and then keep reading.  Below, we list three bike racks that may fit your needs. 

Decent:  Camco Ladder Mount RV Bike Rack 

When reviewing this RV bike rack, you will quickly notice three positives.  The Camco Ladder Mount Bike Rack easily slips over a standard ladder mounted to your RV.  The second positive is that the entire rack folds for easy storage when not in use. 

Third, and most important, is the price at under $50.  

The rack weighs 8.2 pounds and can easily be installed on your RV ladder by one person.

The Camco cradles two bikes and provides safety straps to secure both bikes.  

The rack holds a maximum weight of 60 pounds. 

Better:  Swagman Around the Spare Tire RV Bike Rack

If you RV has a bumper spare tire, this may be the rack solution to fit your needs.  The average cost of this Swagman 2-Bike Rack is $130-$150.  

A benefit of the Swagman is that it uses anti-sway cradles to ensure that the two bikes do not have contact during transport.  This rack secures both of your bikes and adds to the longevity of your bike. 

Buyers of the rack score it high for both sturdiness and for ease-of-installation.  

Best:  Swagman RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack 

In our opinion, the best bike rack for RVers is also from Swagman.  This RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack ranges from $325-$360, but the rack has many benefits.  Here are a few: 

  • This Swagman holds one to two bikes at a weight of 45 pounds per bike.  
  • Fits a 2” Hitch Receiver, often found on the back of Motorhomes and camper trailers. 
  • Includes a locking hitch pin
  • RV Approved.  This is a heavy-duty bike rack that withstands a bumpy road.  
  • “The Swagman Dispatch is made for the punishment bikes take on rough roads when attached to RV’s.” –Amazon Buyer Testimonial 

User feedback includes that this rack is easy to assemble, but note that this is a heavy-duty rack.  The rack withstands adventure roads, but it is heavy at 53 pounds.    

(On a special note, if you decide to travel with an e-bike, make sure the weight specs are aligned with the bike and RV bike rack. In some cases, you’ll only be able to carry one e-bike per rack.) 

Join The Majority of RV Owners and Get Yourself a Bike!

Many fantastic views and unique experiences can be found just down a bike trail. 

As you plan your RV travel route, spend some time researching the area bike trails.  Perhaps you want to take a self-guided winery tour on two wheels or dream of Colorado mountain biking. 

Many many campgrounds have their own family-friendly trails.  And, the National Park recently passed a rule that allows e-bikes on their bike trails!

Cheers to two-wheel adventure….

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  1. Bruce Parker says:

    D&V: I have tried a variety of bike racks, currently supported by the 2″ receiver on the back of our Sprinter.
    [5000# tow, 500# support] I am not happy with the bicycle tie-down of the Thule and Saris racks: Fussy, not stable enough to prevent bike/rack/tire contact and wear.
    The electric elevator function of the Saris rack has stopped working, and I am in discussions with the retailer and Saris about where / how / if I can explore repair without a blind disassembly.
    I am looking at the 1Up! HD double as a simpler, lighter option, though my wife will be not able to load her e-bike without assistance from another. [It’s always something.” -Gilda Radner] -Bruce Parker