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Mice Love Your RV, Here are 7 Ways to Keep Them Out

Mice Love Your RV, Here are 7 Ways to Keep Them Out

Mice Love Your RV, Here are 7 Ways to Keep Them Out

It doesn’t matter if your RV is new or used, drivable or towable, or if you camp in RV parks or the wild…mice will find their way into your RV!

There’s no way around it. The mice want in.

From prevention to termination, today we’re sharing seven ways to keep mice outside.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Fresh Cab

Fresch Cab is an excellent first step before mice enter your unit. It’s a plant-based solution that repels mice with a scent that’s offensive to rodents, but not to humans.

In fact, it smells like Chrismas-time. 

In our experience, Fresh Cab should be used generously in the RV storage bays. Think of it as the very first line of defense, not the entire army. 

#2 LED Exterior Lights

Do you think that colorful lighting underneath an RV is tacky? Yeah, so does my wife!

However, those lights aren’t only providing a relaxed nighttime vibe; they’re deterring rodents. 

Keep in mind; if you’re at an RV park, it could be considered rude to keep these underneath LED lights on all night. This solution is primarily for boondocking.

Mice are nocturnal. These lights are yet another line of preventative defense.

#3 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

If you suspect a mouse has found its way into your RV, an Ultrasonic pest repeller can help. This device emits a sound very unpleasant to all types of rodents.

Some RVs have outlets underneath the kitchen sink.

This is a prime location to place the Ultrasonic repeller.

#4 Steel Wool

If you want to take action into your own hands, and scout out potential entry points, grab some steel wool.

Covering possible entryways with steel wool will be a significant detractor to rodents – they hate that stuff.

The challenge, however, is locating every potential entry point.

#5 Get a Cat

This option won’t be great for a lot of people (including us), but it is a legitimate solution.

Cats will hunt down any mouse risky enough to enter and act as a natural predatorial deterrent.

The trade-off is a litter box. Personally, a litter box is almost as bad as a mouse.

#6 Catch & Release Trap

If you have a moral dilemma with kill traps, a catch and release mouse trap may be your final line of defense.

We understand why you may prefer a catch and release trap. In fact, we’ve used this option before.

Unfortunately, the success has been limited.

#7 Kill Trap for RV Mice

With a heavy heart, we’re here to confirm this has been the most effective tool in our kit.

A kill trap for mice in our RV has solved rodent issues every single time.

We recommend starting this process with a lot of prevention tools. But, when the day comes, and you have to get rid of a mouse, a kill trap will probably be the best option.

For the sake of morality, we recommend the most powerful trap on the market to ensure the least amount of suffering for the poor mouse.

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Sunday 22nd of November 2020

I've used Irish Springs bar soap on every tire of your RV, they don't like the smell of it and we've never had a mouse in our RV in the last 5 years. Also any type of mint they don't like the smell either.


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Love watching your programs always interesting stuff. Hope you make some money.

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Susan B

Saturday 29th of August 2020

Just ordered some Fresh Cab through your link to Amazon for an extra layer of protection. Thanks for this humane, Earth-friendly, socially conscious remedy for critter ridding!

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