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7 Surprising RV Park Upcharges That Will Raise Your Bill

7 Surprising RV Park Upcharges That Will Raise Your Bill

Booking an RV reservation isn’t what it used to be. Just like hotels, RV parks have begun stacking upcharges onto base-pricing to increase their bottom line.

Sure, sometimes it’s the local government that wants a piece of the pie. More times than not, it’s the RV park sticking it to you.

An advertised starting-rate of $49/night can quickly cost $79/night. There are seven main upcharges RV parks used.

Today we’re sharing them to help educate you before you hand over your credit card for the reservation.

Let’s dive in!

Weekend Price Upcharge

I think this upcharge it the most manipulative. Here’s how it works; and RV park advertises a low base rate, but charges $10 more for weekend reservations.

The majority of RVers are camping on the weekend. 

By advertising the weekday rate, RV park owners know they’re delivering a misguided price to most potential customers.

Be on the lookout for this. If spotted, seriously consider the advertising ethics and if these RV parks deserve your business.

Seasonal & Holiday Price Upcharge

To be fair to RV parks, this upcharge is more understandable. It’s also a widely popular practice. Some RV parks call it “dynamic pricing” – a term taken from hoteliers.

Like the weekend rate upcharge, this holiday pricing increases the rate when parks are most crowded (for example, Memorial Day weekend).

Capitalism. I understand it, and don’t knock them for it. Just be aware before booking your RV site.

50amp Upcharge

Are you traveling with a large RV that requires 50 amp service? You may have to pay more per site.

If you already own a 50 amp RV, you’re probably well aware of this upcharge. However, if you’re buying an RV and don’t know if you want a 30 or 50 amp unit, consider this upcharge. 

Multiple Campers Upcharge

Are you bringing the whole family on your RV trip? If so, those extra bodies may cost you $10/each every day of your reservation.

RV parks have different rules. Usually, sites allow at least two people with a standard reservation. After that, it’s entirely up to each RV park.

Here’s a price comparison for a family of five with the $10/ per person rate after a maximum of two occupants.

  • 7 Days at Advertised Rate of $49 (without upcharge): $343 total
  • 7 Days at Advertised Rate of $49 (with upcharge): $553 total

That’s a big difference!

Want to try RV camping? Make sure you know what you’re in for!

Pull Through & Location Based Upcharge

Quite often, new RVers like to request pull-through sites. These sites are easy to access and make parking a breeze.

RV parks know pull-throughs are in high demand, this is why many will upcharge for that option.

Additionally, lakeside RV parks will often upcharge for spots near the water.

Both of these are understandable, and well known to long-time RVers. Newbies beware!

Pet Upcharge

Pets are just like kids – they’ll cost you a lot of money! Sometimes RV parks charge pet fees.

They justify the charges by offering a dog park, waste bags, and outdoor pet baths. All of those amenities are very much appreciated. 

However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Resort Tax Upcharge

Uncle Sam can’t resist a little extra jingle. Many local communities require hotels and RV resorts to charge a resort tax (or other similarly-named tax).

Who can resist squeezing a little extra juice out of a tourist? 

It’s the cold truth of being a traveler. Everyone wants a piece of your wallet.

On the upside, you already pay federal taxes that support public land. Why not try a little free camping (that your yearly taxes have already paid for)?!

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