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RV GPS Routers: Decent, Better & Best

RV GPS Routers: Decent, Better & Best

Everyone has GPS capabilities on their smartphone, using devices to get around, often giving the voice in the box names like Charlotte or Glenda. 

When driving your RV, you need a little extra information than standard GPS routers provide.

Going over a bridge not sturdy enough for your RV, or under a low clearance bridge can be disastrous to your rig. An RV Specific GPS Router uses cutting edge technology to direct you away from low bridges, sharp turns, and dirt roads. 

When we visited Zion National Park, our RV specific GPS (the ‘best’ option on the list, btw), saved up from taking an awful route!

The routers also give you information to locate parking and travel centers.

Having this type of device is essential for RVers to avoid costly errors, frustrating backups, and driving in circles looking for a place to park.

Here are three options – a decent, better, and best.

Decent: Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS Device

Rand McNally is known for maps. It makes sense that they integrate their navigational wisdom with a smart RV GPS router. It is a full Android tablet implementing voice-enabled features.

With this dashboard device, you can use the built-in dash cam to record where you’re going. 

The OverDryve is also Bluetooth enabled, including free lifetime updates for maps. 

Reviews vary, but most admit it saves them time and headache in the long run. 

The Rand McNally OverDryve costs $392.98.

rv gps
RV GPS routers can help you avoid steep mountain passes.

Better: Garmin RV 890

Garmin’s tag line for this device is “Get lost in the moments. Not the route.” 

The Garmin RV 890 has an 8-inch screen and many different features to make getting from place to place in your RV easier and safer. 

The smart-unit provides different routes for motorhomes versus tow behinds. It also offers information on places to stop for the night and has built-in Wi-Fi for wireless updates and voice assistance. 

Trip planning functionality is also incorporated into the technology. It can pull information from TripAdvisor and details on the National Parks.

This brand new device was made available in June 2020. The Garmin RV 890 costs $499.99.

Best: RV Life GPS App (with RV Trip Wizard Integration)

Instead of buying an expensive stand-alone RV GPS router, the RV Life GPS app installs on your smartphone

This GPS was designed by RVers who know what people driving or towing RVs need to be aware of, like steep inclines, propane-restricted tunnels, and low clearances. 

In the app, the GPS is custom-tailored to your specific rig or vehicle.

RV Life offers a free seven-day trial, including the comprehensive RV Trip Wizard planning tool. 

Through the app, you can link with to find out about where you’re going and check into individual parks to see park-specific information during a stay. 

You can also run an Internet speed test to check if you’ll be able to work.

There are so many more features to check out in this app. For the full-timer, it’s the best (and most economical) option, in our opinion.     

Choosing the Right RV GPS Router for You

When ultimately deciding which device to purchase, consider the screen’s size, portability, what you want it to do, is it Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and voice-activated. 

Work within your price range and keep in mind how intuitive it is. 

There are quite a few RV GPS Routers, but these are the three we recommend for the ease of use, great features, and a way to get to your destination with the least hassle.

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