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RV Storage Facilities: Decent, Better & Best

RV Storage Facilities: Decent, Better & Best

You bought an RV! Now, where are you going to keep this big purchase? Uh oh. Here’s why it’s essential to consider RV storage facilities.

You spent a lot of money on this new toy, and you want to keep value in your investment. Properly storing your RV when you’re not camping will prevent leaks, which are the leading cause of expensive damage. 

Storage can also mitigate rodents and insects. Keeping your RV in storage ensures a higher resale value. It keeps the paint, roof, decals, and interior looking more beautiful, protecting it from sun, moisture, and hail.

Decent: Roof or Over-Head Shelter

At the lower end of the storage spectrum is under a roof or shelter. This method’s advantages are that just a roof can be reasonably inexpensive to build on your property. 

If you are renting the storage space, its a cheaper alternative as well. 

An overhead covering will protect your RV from most sun/UV and rain damage. It should also keep most hail from causing issues. 

It is not a full-proof protection, but it is the most cost-effective. 

Drawbacks are that some weather can still get to your RV, and rodents are not deterred.

Here’s a bad example of overhead covering!

Better: Enclosed Storage

A better alternative is a totally enclosed storage space. 

Advantages are that your RV is completely protected from UV/sun damage, there is zero chance of hail damage, and rodents and bugs can be deterred much more effectively. 

The main disadvantage is that the cost is much higher. Enclosed RV storage facilities may be harder to find depending on your area. 

These units usually don’t have temperature control and can still have humidity issues. Many don’t come with electric plugs. 

Enclosed RV Storage

Best: Full Service (Like, RV Loft)

The best RV storage option is full service, like RV Loft

These facilities have an RV tech on staff to diagnose or fix any issues. They also wash your RV every time you check it out to ensure that you are looking beautiful when you venture off for your trip. 

Since full-service RV storage facilities are climate controlled, you don’t need to winterize your RV. Best of all, rodent control is handled by the staff. 

Your rig connects to a plugin – keeping the batteries topped off. 

The disadvantages are, of course, the cost of premium storage, and there may not be a full-service location close to you. 

Deciding Which RV Storage Facility is Right for You?

Keeping your RV in storage is an added cost, but it will recoup a lot of the expenditure when you sell your unit.

It’s also helpful to know you don’t have to deal with damage or unwelcome rodent roommates. I can tell you; we sleep better knowing our RV is in an enclosed storage facility.

Be sure to check around to find the perfect storage solution for your RV investment!

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  1. Ken Kokjer says:

    Check out Subtropolis in Kansas City, MO. It’s arguably the best possible storage location of all. I’d like to find similar facilities in the SW part of US.

  2. Bob says:

    Lol! Full timers just have to deal with whatever the weather does to the rig!