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What Is A Military Campground?

What Is A Military Campground?

Those that have dedicated their lives to serving our nation have an added benefit:  they can access military campgrounds, where amenities are numerous and the price is usually much lower than public or private campgrounds. 

Military campgrounds are located on bases around the country. These campgrounds give servicemen and women inexpensive options for vacations and travel throughout the country they served.  Here’s the 411 on how to find them and what to expect when you stay at a military RV park or campground.

What is a Military Campground?

RV parks and campgrounds located on military bases around the country are available for military personnel to utilize.  Many are referred to as “FamCamps”. And, in most cases, they offer spectacular accommodations for active military and veterans. 

Sometimes there is a nominal fee to use these benefits, but individual campgrounds are responsible for their own fee schedules.

Who Can Use These Campgrounds?

Each campground has its own criteria for campground guests. But, generally speaking, anyone who is active military (and their immediate family), veterans, National Guard members and reservists, Purple Heart recipients and POWs fall in the category of select guests.

In many cases, retired Dept of Defense civilians can use these campgrounds, too.

What Amenities Do Military RV Parks Have?

Many military campgrounds have outstanding amenities, such as golf courses, theaters, lakes and hunting access.  Most have full hookups, and some provide dispersed camping, as well.  Each is located on a military base, so campers can access many of the perks available to base personnel while they are camping. 

Julie Chickery and her husband Sean have spent a lot of time at military campgrounds

After spending 20 years in the US Air Force, they enjoy the ability to utilize military RV parks and the many amenities offered. 

“One of the great things about military campgrounds are the base amenities,” says Julie.

“If you have access to the campground, you’ll also be able to use the base gym, swimming pool, exchange, and commissary. Most bases also have excellent outdoor recreation activities and equipment rentals like kayaks, bikes, and more.”

Pro Tip: We travel with a folding kayak – it’s great for our Airstream with minimal storage options!

Oru Kayak Review: Sleek Lines Look Great
Oru Kayak Review: Sleek Lines Look Great

Do You Have To Have an RV to Use a Military Campground? 

Several military campgrounds have cabins and lodging, as well as campsites to offer active duty families and veterans, so an RV is not always necessary to take advantage of the ‘camping’ benefits.

Tent sites are usually available, as well.  And some military installations even have travel trailers for rent, if you don’t have your own RV and want that particular type of camping experience. 

So check with specific campgrounds to find out exactly what they offer and how to go about reserving it. 

Where to Find Military Campgrounds and RV Parks

It is not as easy to find these special campgrounds as a private or public one.  The best resource is the US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website. This website provides the location and contact information of each campground, lists the authorized users, amenities, length of stay and reservation requirements.

A few things to consider when planning a trip utilizing military RV parks:

  • Check your eligibility from the website listing for each campground.
  • See if campgrounds allow reservations, and if so, make them.  Many campgrounds are extremely popular.
  • Check with the base to see if it allows RVs through the main gate or if you will be limited to commercial gate hours because of heightened security issues.

Those that have worked to protect and defend our country have an opportunity to experience their bases and installations in a new way. 

These military RV parks and campgrounds give them a variety of options for regional exploration, family vacations and relaxing getaways.  If you have served in some fashion, consider adding a FamCamp to your itinerary for the next camping trip.

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