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5 Best Pop Up Truck Campers (With Video Tours)

5 Best Pop Up Truck Campers

Pop up truck campers have become popular with people who want to make their way to more secluded, primitive campsites. They can go where larger RVs can’t.

These truck campers sit on any size truck, depending on the manufacturer. They can be completely self-contained for those who want to get away from it all in comfort or they can simply be an empty shell. Many are customized for each owner’s needs.

These pop-up truck campers are also popular in the overland community (for those who like to get way off-grid).

Are you ready to learn if a pop up truck camper is for you?

Then let’s dive in.

What Kind of Truck Do You Need for a Pop Up Truck Camper? 

Any kind of truck can be used for a pop up truck camper. You simply need to know how much weight your truck can handle and if you have a short or long box, otherwise known as a bed, on your truck.

The following list of manufacturers can slide in pop up campers onto a mid-size truck with an ultra-short box, all the way up to a one ton truck with an 8’ bed.

If you already own a truck, they can customize your camper to fit or have a model that will fit.

How Much Do Pop Up Truck Campers Weigh? 

Pop up truck bed campers come in a variety of weights due to their construction. Some are hard-sided, while others have a combination of hard sides and canvas, tent-like sides.

Hard sided, pop up truck campers have a dry weight from 1,390 to 1,985 pounds. Their wet weight is from 1,550 to 2,250 pounds.

Pop up truck campers with canvas sides have lower dry weights, from 790 to 1,785 pounds. The lower the weight, the smaller the camper with fewer amenities. Conversely, higher weights usually mean there is a bathroom and kitchen in a somewhat larger camper. 

This is a non-pop up truck camper. They usually weigh more than pop up campers.

What Features and Amenities do Pop Up Truck Campers Have? 

For such a small footprint, some of these pop up pickup campers pack in the features and amenities. And yet, they still have a comfortable space.

Some of the features and amenities include the following:

  • Electric jacks
  • Electric roof lift system
  • 20 lb. propane tank
  • Full or queen-sized bed
  • Stove, sink, and small refrigerator
  • Porta-potty or wet bath with cassette toilet
  • Exterior shower
  • Awning

Who knew you could get pop up truck campers with bathrooms? Camping in primitive areas doesn’t mean we have to get away from all of our luxuries.

Benefits of a Pop Up Truck Camper

When you choose a pop up truck camper, you can get a simple layout or have one of the companies listed below create a custom camper just for you.

This means you don’t need to buy another truck if you already have one. It also means you don’t have to get a huge truck just to go carry one of these campers. Remember, a huge new truck usually equals an expensive one.

These campers have a lower profile. A lower profile will cause less wind resistance. You’ll have better fuel economy as a result.

In addition, the lower profile allows you to go more places. Take off to those tree-covered, primitive campsites without worrying if you can get through on the narrow, dirt road. Your friends with large trailers and motorhomes will be envious.

Let’s take a look at what the five best pop up truck campers have to offer.

#1 Bundutec Bunducamp

Bundutec is a company from South Africa that has a distributor in Northeast Iowa in the U.S.A.

The Bunducamp is built to fit on ¾ ton trucks with a 6 ½’ box or 8’ box. Its base price is $24,925.

There are electric jacks to raise the roof and mechanical jacks to stabilize the camper once in place. 

More amenities include:

  • Wired for Zamp portable solar
  • 30 Amp power cord with adapter
  • Truma water heater/furnace combination
  • Swivel cassette toilet
  • 36 gallon freshwater tank
  • 17 gallon gray water holding tank
  • Exterior shower
  • Lift-up under bed storage

#2 Alaskan Cabover Pop Up Truck Camper

Alaskan has been building the only hard-sided pop up truck campers since the 1950s. Their 8.5 Truck Camper won the “Top Truck Camper Rig of the 2019 Overland Expo.”

They have five cabover pop up campers that start at 6 ½’ and go up to 10’. Their dry weights begin at 1,390 pounds and increase to 1,985 pounds.

Alaskan also offers two non-cabover campers that are 8’ and 10’. The dry weight for the 8’ camper is 1,380 pounds and the 10’ comes in at 1,705 pounds.

Prices range from $30,299 to $35,099.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Electric hydraulic pump motor for lifting roof
  • One-piece curved roof
  • Spray foam insulation
  • 27-gallon water tank (not included in 6.5’)
  • Shurflo electric water pump
  • Iota 45 Amp converter/battery charger
  • Overhead storage cabinets

If you need a toilet, you can get a Thetford cassette toilet as an additional option.

#3 Northstar 650SC

The Northstar 650SC is fully self-contained. The base dry weight is 1,610 pounds and it fits on any full-size truck with an ultra-short bed or standard short bed. 

Plan on towing behind your truck? The compact footprint of the 650SC allows owners to easily access the hitch receiver.

The price is $22,510 and includes the following standard amenities.

  • 20 gallon fresh water tank and 13 gallon gray water holding tank
  • Cassette toilet with 4 gallon fresh water tank and 5 gallon black water tank
  • Interior shower – wet bath
  • Dometic 3.7 cubic feet, 3-way refrigerator
  • 12,000 BTU furnace
  • Water heater with exterior port shower and bypass
  • Happijac 4 corner jacks
  • Electric lift system for roof 

#4 Four Wheel Pop Up Campers Swift Model Truck Bed Camper

Swift Model pop up campers are for midsize trucks with a short, five foot bed. You can choose from two options. The basic shell models start at $13,295 and full camper models start at $19,995.

Dry weights vary based on which model you choose and amenities that are added. The dry weight starts at 790 pounds for a shell model with standard features. The standard camper model has a dry weight of 935 pounds.

Here are some of the standard features.

Shell Model:

  • One piece aluminum, waterproof roof
  • Aluminum jack brackets
  • Single, 12 Volt deep cycle battery w/separator
  • Screen door
  • Queen cabover bed with mattress
  • Basic roof vent
  • LED lights

Camper Model includes all of the above plus:

  • Small 1.7 cu.ft. 3-way refrigerator (AC/DC/Propane)
  • Standard sink and stove
  • Roll-over couch seating
  • 20 gallon fresh water tank
  • 2 propane tanks

#5 Phoenix Mini-Max Pop Up Truck Bed Camper

Phoenix’s Mini-Max pop up camper is fully self-contained. It was designed for midsize and full-size trucks with short beds, but can be customized for longer beds if that’s what you already have.

The base weight with full water, propane and battery is 1,420 pounds. 

You can get this camper for a base price of $37,000 with the following standard features.

  • Electric, push-button lift system
  • 15-gallon fresh water tank and 7-gallon gray water holding tank
  • 5-gallon cassette toilet with 4-gallon reservoir
  • 6-gallon water heater
  • 100 watts of solar
  • Wet bath includes cassette toilet and shower
  • Shark fin cave to fit truck satellite radio antenna
  • Carefree Freedom III crank-out awning

Is a Pop Up Truck Camper Right for You?

If you want an RV with a small footprint, consider a pop up truck camper. 

As you can see above, there are five options that are the best on the market and have a variety of amenities. Choose a camper that best fits your needs and plan your get-a-way today.

Above all else, pop up campers are perfect for enjoying all of the amazing free, off-grid campsites in the USA!

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