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Iconic RV Parks Damaged from Hurricane Sally, Will Reopen Soon

Iconic Gulf Shores RV Parks Damaged from Hurricane Sally, Will Reopen Soon

Two iconic Gulf Shores, Alabama RV parks experience damage during Hurricane Sally. However, they will reopen soon.

Over our last 5 years of RV travel, we’ve been fortunate to discover amazing coastal RV parks and resorts. Island Retreat RV Park and Luxury RV Resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama have become a few of our favorite locations.

The RV parks were in the direct path of the storm.

Before we look at the hurricane damage to the RV parks, here are a few photos we took 20 miles north in Fairhope, Alabama.

These pictures show just how lucky the Island Retreat RV Park & Luxury RV Resort were throughout the storm.

Island Retreat RV Park

We stayed at Island Retreat RV Park last winter. They recently revamped their facility and upgraded the onsite wifi (best RV park internet we’ve experience). This park is located about 4 miles from the beach and directly across from the inter-coastal canal.

Here are a few photos Island Retreat RV Park posted:

Here’s what’s Island Retreat said yesterday, “We’re so thankful the park experiences minimal damage…We will take these next 10 days getting everything back to paradise for you!”

The park offers RV storage, too. Even though the island is closed to visitors, if you have an RV in storage there, you can get an entry pass at the GS Welcome Center.

Island Retreat RV Park is an ideal winter destination. Visit their website to book future stays.

Keep in mind: power & phone lines are still out of commission.

Here’s a video about our visit to Island Retreat.

Luxury RV Resort

Luxury RV Resort is closer to the Gulf Shores beach. In fact, it’s just a few blocks away.

They too suffered damage, but escaped Hurricane Sally better than many other properties.

Luxury RV Resort says, “While our park experiences flooding and some damage, everyone is safe. And we still have a lot left of what makes Luxury so special.

Here’s an image they shared:

Luxury RV Resort is also hoping to be back up and running in 10 days. We encourage you to support both of these local parks!

Here’s a video of our stay at Luxury RV Resort last winter.

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