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This is RV Camping in the 1970s

This is RV Camping in the 1970s

This is RV Camping in the 1970s

The 1970s began 50 years ago. It seems like just yesterday (at least that’s what my mom tells me)!

Looking back on RV camping is always fun. Somethings are worlds different…like the internet. But, other things remain the same even after 50 years. One of the biggest changes, RVs used to be towed by cars.

Today we’re taking a stroll down memory lane and looking back onto what RV life was like.

Let’s step into the time machine and dial in 1970 🚀

Campsites Still Look The Same

This campsite is basically unchanged. Camp chairs, picnic tables, and firewood look pretty much the same. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that camper at a National Forest campground today. Here’s the best difference…the kid doesn’t have a phone glued to his hand!

Still Riding Bikes (Although Non-Electric)

Bikes are the best RV accessory! This family has honed the skill of a dual bike. I must admit, I love my ebike. But, I’d give this a try!

Cars As Tow Vehicle

It’s been a long time since cars have had enough power to do meaningful towing. While this beast probably isn’t easy to park, kids today will never have the joy of a car-towing family vacation.

Taking Photos of Mom Against Her Will

Even 50 years later it’s fun to torment mom with random snapshots. She’s great at pretending you’re not annoying her…but after that photo’s snapped, you’ll get a mouth-full!

Campsite Flex

The classic campsite flex was strong back in the 1970s. The flex, if you don’t know, it subtly showing off your badass campsite. In this case the truck is on display, the awning is sharp, and the ladies know they’re looking good!

Kids Just Chillin’

Again, unlike the 2020s, these kids are perfectly content with RV camping without a smart phone!

A Classic Campsite

Whether you’re in 1970 or 2020, this RV campground is all about nature. Timelessness at its best!

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Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Notice that NONE of the RV's shown in the pictures have AIR CONDITIONING! HOT DOG! Fans and hoses to cool off with and drink out of. (Two Thumbs up!) Summer of 1970, cross country, post Navy retirement move, Ca. to Md, 5 kids, 2 dogs, cat, canary in a 22ft Shasta pulled by a 1969 Chevy Sportvan. I was on Learners permit and drove 1/2 the time, (hell of a way to learn to drive with a trailer). The kids setup and broke down camp and leveled and hooked up the trailer at night, and hitched up the next morning. Brother and I did the maintenance (blown tires, etc.) and we got good at it. We could have the trailer off jacks, disconnected from hookups, hitched (eq hitch) lights and brakes tested and ready to run in under 6 minutes. But it took the girls and mom an hour to fix hair, dresses, etc. So we sat around and drank coffee from thermos'.

Dad sold the Shasta in 1985, and since 1987 I've had a 1966 Fireball, a 1994 Innsbruck, and now a 2003 Sunline. Very rarely use the A/C, except when Wife's asthma kicks up. Fans are usually plenty for us. And the "Entertainment center" is disconnected and fuse pulled, TV is stored. We read lots of books when camping.

BTW. Anyone else notice that the taking pics of mom against her will picture is REVERSED?!?!?!

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Tuesday 6th of October 2020

That made me laugh but also sad - kids back then at camp without a cell phone! Oh! The good old days! I was a kid in the 70's and I remember camping with a banana seat bike and pocket full of candy, cruising around to my heart's content.

Cheryl Bacon

Monday 5th of October 2020

LOL I loved this! It brought back a lot of memories. Though when we camped in the 70's a lot of people had the funky decor lights (like pink flamingos) hanging from their awnings, cookout stuff all set up and many had small portable black and white tv's. The cars were beasts back then. Sometimes I miss good old V8's. Yup no phones, but we did have pockets knives and any good kid camper played a serious game of mumblypeg.

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