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7 Best Small RVs (with Video Tours)

7 Best Small RVs (with Video Tours)

Are you looking for the best small RVs? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Five years ago we were on the exact same search.

We needed a small trailer that our Ford Ranger could tow…a big ask, I know!

After months of searching we found our perfectly small RV and we became self proclaimed experts in the field. 😃 Today we’ll be sharing the 5 best small RVs and trailers on the market in 2020.

Since you’re searching for RVs, bathrooms with showers will be mandatory for inclusion.

Here we go!

Airstream Nest

MSRP: $45,900

Dry Weight: 3,400

Length: 16′ 7″

Why You’ll Love It:  This trailer looks sharp! The molded-fiberglass body is reminiscent of Apple products and the interior has sleek surfaces with beautiful curves.

Both Airstream Nest floor plans have to bed located at the front of the trailer and bathroom near the rear. The main difference between the two layouts – one has a permanent bed and one has a convertible dinette.

The Nest has many high tech features including Bluetooth controlled lights, heating & AC, 2-way electric fridge and Italian Lite Ply cabinetry.

Best Feature: Aesthetics. You can find newer technology and better functionality in other travel trailers, but you can’t find a better look. Airstreams hold their value more than any other trailer because of their beautiful aesthetics.

Small RVs Vibe Score: 8.5/10 High price but great design!

Taxa Mantis

MSRP: $32,500

Dry Weight: 3,020lbs

Length: 19′

Why You’ll Love ItThe Taxa Mantis is a utilitarian travel trailer designed by former NASA architect, Garrett Finney. As founder and designer, Finney’s vision is in every aspect of this unit.

He approaches trailer life from an outdoor-adventurer point of view, not from a POV of an RVer. This approach leads to the trailer being very adaptable to each user’s specific needs.

Functionality is key with this design. Instead of hiding joinery (mostly rivets), Taxa keeps the frame and hardware visible and easy to edit. Using quality materials, this creates a minimalistic aesthetic with a focus on materials.

The powder coated steel frame also has many strategically placed holes. This allows you to connect carabiners for hanging & strapping items as you wish.

The storage areas are the size of standard milk crates. With this design you can easily store and access your goods without using customized containers.

Best Feature: It has a cool, drop down top bunk for extra sleeping (ideally kids)! Despite its size, this trailer can sleep a total of four people.

Small RVs Vibe Score: 8.7/10 Rugged design with awesome functionality.

Unity by Leisure Travel Vans

MSRP:  $134,210

GVWR: 11,030 lbs

Length: 25′ 1″

Why You’ll Love It: Most small RVs fall into the “travel trailer” category. We’re including this fancy Class B to mix it up a bit. The Unity is a relatively small van that has the luxury of huge motor coaches.

There’s a lot of technology in this Unity. In fact, Dometic is using Leisure Travel Vans as the brand to implement its latest innovations. Two of our favorite Dometic innovations are in this particular model.

The first piece of tech that got our attention was Dometic’s IoT system. This system connects all of your RV’s functions onto a touchscreen.

Here’s how Leisure Travel Vans describes it:

The all-new Dometic IoT Solution allows users to control and monitor their RV’s components with the touch of their finger. Six touchscreens are conveniently located throughout the coach which control and monitor the RV’s electrical components including lighting, climate control, awnings, water heater and tanks, water pump, batteries, inverter status, and LP Gas. View multiple functions at the same time via the flexibility of Dometic’s modular screen design. RVers can even customize comfort controls as well as set scenes that can run multiple tasks at once. Scenes can also be automated to run at specific times throughout the day. Intelligent predictive monitoring provides a forecasted view of the system’s usage indicating when critical resources are reaching their limits. For the connected user, the system can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. 

Best Feature: Dometic’s Dual Hinge Fridge. This feature is long overdue for RVs: a fridge that can open from either side. I know it sounds simple, but it makes a world of difference.

Small RVs Vibe Score: 7.2/10 This rig is pure luxury at a steep luxury price.

HQ15 by Black Series Travel Trailers

MSPR: $43,750

Dry Weight: 4,722lbs

Length: 22′

Why You’ll Love It: If you want a small RV that can handle off road travel…the HQ15 is your best bet! The clearance on this trailer is amazing and each tire has individual suspension.

Despite it’s off road capabilities, the HQ15 has a luxurious interior with real leather seating. Even the stitching is beautiful and well thought out. A bluetooth capable entertainment system with indoor and outdoor speaker rounds out the high tech features.

Best Feature: The HQ15 comes with a solar system installed! The 300w roof top system will get set you up and ready to catch those rays.

Small RVs Vibe Score: 9.1/10 A little larger than some of the other small RVs, but totally able to handle off road adventures.

The Revel by Winnebago

MSRP: $134,799

GVWR: 8,550 lbs

Length: 19′ 5″

Why You’ll Love It: Mobility & functionality. The Revel can fit into almost any parking spot! With 3 deep cycle batteries and a 2000w inverter, you’ll be able to have a fully powered coach even if you’re parked at Walmart.

The Mercedes Benz chassis is a work of art! Here’s the specs straight from Winnebago:

3.0L 6-cylinder, 188-hp, diesel engine, 5-speed automatic Tip Shift transmission, 220-amp. alternator

On-demand 4WD w/low range electronic stability and traction control

4-wheel ABS brakes

Trailer Hitch4 5,000-lb. drawbar/500-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight

7-pin wiring connector

Best Feature: Parkability (yeah, its a new word)! The Revel is made for mobility and urban camping!

Small RVs Vibe Score: 8.4/10 Beautifully designed and easy to drive!

Scamp 5th Wheel

MSRP: around $25,000

Weight: 2400-2900 lbs

Length: 19′

Why You’ll Love It: The Scamp 19′ 5th wheel is a fiberglass trailer, making it extra lightweight and aerodynamic, helping your towing and gas mileage! 

This 5th wheel has a queen size bed in the loft area, and can sleep up to 6 people. 

The bathroom separates the loft from the lower part of the trailer, making it a more private area. A Scamp fiberglass 5th wheel only weighs 2000-2900 pounds dry depending on trim level and added features.

Best Feature: Eye-catching. This is the smallest 5th wheel on the road. You’ll turn heads with it for sure!

Small RVs Vibe Score: 9.4/10 Mobile, easy to tow and spacious.

Riverside Retro 135

MSRP: $18,105

Weight: 2,540 lbs.

Why You’ll Love It: The Riverside Retro 135 doesn’t waste any room on a dinette! We really like that type of design. When you travel in a small camper trailer, you can’t have it all.

Instead of wasting room on a dinette, the Retro 135 offers up two comfy recliner style chairs.

Additionally, the 32 gallon grey water tank will keep you supplied with water for much longer than some of these other small camper trailers. With a separate toilet & shower, you be able to enjoy showering a lot more!

Additional Specs:

  • Width: 7’6″
  • Interior Height: 6’5″
  • Fresh Water: 17 gal
  • Grey Water: 31 gal
  • Black Water: 17 gal

Best Feature: Nice size, private bathroom.

Small RVs Vibe Score: 7.1/10 Vintage vibes with modern features.

Do you Need More Help Deciding Why A Small RV is for You?

Small RVs are truly the best way to discover life on the road. You won’t be weighed down with clutter and you’ll have a lot of mobility. There are reasons to avoid all types of RV, but if you’re thinking about buying a big rig…let us inform you!

Here are the reasons to AVOID the following RV class types:

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