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This RV Trailer is Tougher Than 2020

This RV Trailer is Tougher Than 2020

Australian-based Patriot Campers specializes in hardcore adventure RV trailers, made to handle the toughest off-road conditions.

Patriot Campers are built to play in the Australian bush with toys like ATVs, dirt bikes and quads. Rugged and luxurious, these RV trailers can’t be beat! And they’re finally available in the US!

Patriot Campers New TH610

The new TH610 really lives up to the Patriot Camper agenda.  TH610 stands for Toy Hauler, 6.1 Meter. This model has all the features of the Patriot X1 model plus a massive 1.70m wide x 3.00m long deck to carry all your adventure toys. 

If you haven’t seen the Patriot Campers before, the TH610 is essentially a flatbed on the back of a pop-up camper trailer.

The deck features eight tie down points, a high lift jack holder, LED lights, and stereo speakers.

And there’s 2400 litres of internal storage with spaces that allow for bulky items like helmets and boots.  There’s storage on the roof, in side drawers, and in fully carpeted compartments.  There’s room for your camp oven, and a hot water system too. 

Included Amenities:

Standard inclusions provide two 120 amp/hour AGM batteries, a 120L water tank (for your kitchen sink and shower!), battery management system, an awning, BBQ porch, bluetooth stereo, and airbag independent suspension.

If you’re looking to upgrade, there are options for an integrated tent, solar, a winch, fridge, lithium batteries, and more! They’ve even got adaptations for all of your favorite toys from a boat loader to a dirt bike rack. 

The Ultimate Off-Grid Camping Trailer

Designed for the Australian bush, this is the ideal RV trailer for free camping in the boonies here in the US too.  Many US outfitters are now offering Patriot Campers and have inventory arriving monthly, but they’re often all sold before they even arrive, so if you want one it’s best to act fast!

With a 20 inches of ground clearance, this trailer can go almost anywhere.  It’s off-road and off-grid so you have the luxury of setting up camp anywhere you choose.  The trailer will get you there, and it doesn’t need any hookups to capitalize on all its features. 

There’s enough battery power to get you through a long weekend adventure in the deep woods, and enough water (nearly 32 gallons) for as much cooking and showering as you like.  

The Aussies have really demonstrated their understanding for the rugged back country in the design of these campers.  If you’re looking for an epic adventure, a Patriot Camper might be the right fit for you!

Learn more about these epic off-grid camping trailers here.

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