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RV Clothesline: Decent, Better, Best

RV Clothesline: Decent, Better, Best

While some RVs these days come with a washer and dryer installed, most don’t have the luxury.

So what do you do with your wet items from swimming, being out in the rain, or other water activities? What do you do with clothes you washed by hand, or wet towels?

You can hang them in the bathroom, but you will run out of space fast. 

A better option is an RV clothesline… and there are several different places you can install one!

Today we’re talking about different kinds of RV clotheslines, so let’s dive in. 

Why Buy an RV Clothesline?

Owning an RV clothesline can really come in handy.

If you haven’t gone to a laundromat before you will quickly learn that they are not cheap. They are the most expensive of the options and the machines are quite harsh on your clothes.

The other option is using a campground laundry room. What you will find is you will want to pack the machines as much as possible and the dryers can’t handle such large loads. This means you might have to run two cycles on the dryer.

That’s why having an RV clothesline can be really helpful. And, to top it off, when you air dry your clothes, it’s easier on them and they smell better.

Types of RV Clotheslines

When it comes to RV clotheslines there are a couple different types. All work well and are made to fit your needs. 

Ladder Mounted: the ladder mounted dryer rack attaches to your RV ladder with arms to hang your clothes on.

Bumper Mounted: the bumper mounted dryer rack attaches to the bumper of your RV with wires stretched across for your clothes.

Some can be strung between trees: another option is utilizing the trees around you to hang the wire between them for your clothes to sit on. Problem with this is if there are no trees you can’t use it.

You can also use a collapsible laundry rack: the last option is a collapsible rack that can be set up anywhere and stored down below.

RV Clotheslines: Decent, Better, and Best

All of these RV clotheslines and drying racks are awesome. We have sorted them into decent, better, and best based on functionality, portability, and storage-ability.

Decent: Smart Dryer Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

This collapsible clothes drying rack is the lowest priced option on our list. And, since it’s not RV specific and doesn’t mount anywhere, you can set it up anywhere inside or outside to dry your textiles.

Check out the latest price on Amazon here.

Better: Stromberg Carlson Bumper Mounted Clothesline

The Stromberg Carlson Bumper Mounted Clothesline is our better option. This is a bumper mounted drying rack that easily attaches to the bumper of any RV. The rack consists of two 48” poles that can be attached at up to 7-feet apart.

Check the latest price on Amazon here.

Best: Ladder Mounted Extend-A-Line Clothes Dryer

The Ladder Mounted Extend-A-Line Clothes Dryer is the best option for an RV clothesline in our opinion. This is a ladder mounted drying rack that is very easily attached and removed. And it takes up virtually no space!

This clothes dryer has six independent arms that can hold 10 lbs each, up to 60 lbs total. The arms are covered with chrome to help prevent rust.

Check the latest price on Amazon here.

An RV clothesline can make life on the road a lot easier. If this is on your list of needs, we definitely recommend the Extend-A-Line.

Not only can it hold a lot more weight and clothes, it packs up easily for storage. Space-saving is perhaps the best feature in a product for road life!

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