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5 Simple Boondocking Hacks for Summer Camping

5 Simple Boondocking Hacks for Summer Camping

Anyone who enjoys camping in an RV knows there’s nothing quite like boondocking. And, those who can come up with good hacks will find their boondocking life a bit more pleasant.

This way of camping might not be for everyone, however. Distancing yourself from most people and amenities can make the experience raw and authentic. 

But, for those who enjoy boondocking, we’ve gathered five cheap hacks we’re sure will make your time outside a little easier.

Let’s take a look!

What is Boondocking? And What’s a Hack?

Boondocking is essentially dry camping without all the frills and thrills of modern-day outdoor living. When you eliminate the conveniences of having water, sewer, and electricity, you’re left with only the essential resources around you. So, you may find yourself learning to get creative rather quickly. 

This form of camping is a close replication of what living outside used to be like in pioneers’ early days. Although plenty of people still tent camp and boondock, the consumer demand for more stylish RVs continues to rise.

A hack is simply a workaround or solution to a problem or something that makes life easier or faster. Often, hacks are budget-friendly – or at least less expensive than the initial thing or process.

Where Can You Boondock?

Since boondocking is camping anywhere on public land without utility connections, you can park your RV in many places.

BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and USFS (US Forest Service) administered lands are some of the most popular choices for RVers. On average, your stay cannot exceed 14 consecutive days in one location. Some areas have shorter and longer options available, but staying for an extended period can often require an additional fee.

Campendium is another excellent resource to help you find locations for boondocking. Whether you’re looking to boondock in a national forest or state park, they’ve got you covered.

Here you’ll find real-time reviews from fellow RVers. And, most reviewed locations include pictures with detailed descriptions of the area. You can access their information via a website or an app.

5 Cheap Boondocking Hacks for Any Budget

Below you will find five cheap hacks that we’ve collected to help you explore more and stress less. The RV lifestyle is a unique way to live.

Because of that, it also requires an unusual and rigid form of budgeting. We’re confident these tips will have you saving time and money to instead devote to your next great adventure.

#1 – Get a Portable Waste Tank To Help Manage Waste Water

One of the first hacks for prolonging your boondocking time is by purchasing a portable waste tank. This tank collects your holding tanks’ contents, lengthening the time between taking your RV to the dump station.

Many of these portable tanks come on wheels with a handle, making tank transportation smooth and less awkward. Some models include a tow strap you can attach to your trailer hitch. This allows travel to and from the dump station to be even easier.

Pro Tip: Here’s our favorite portable waste tanks from decent to better to best.

#2 – Use a Portable Camp Shower for Getting Clean

So what happens if you don’t have an outdoor shower on your RV and you’re traveling with kids and dogs? Can you imagine driving everyone to a public shower every time they’ve rolled in dirt or played at the beach? It’s really not practical.

For this hack, we recommend giving some consideration to investing in a portable camp shower. These handy devices typically hold an average of about five gallons of water.

Many come with an on/off switch, removable hose, and you can take them anywhere, thanks to their compact design.

#3 – Bring Extra Fresh Water for Drinking and Cooking

In times of unexpected emergencies, having clean, drinkable water on hand is a vital necessity. That’s where owning a freshwater container will be essential for all your adventures.

For the hack, purchase one of the many portable water containers that are space-saving and stackable or compressible when empty. Whether you’re out watching the game or spending the weekend fishing, traveling prepared is wise and efficient.

Pro Tip: We use a 20-gallon water bag that can easily fold up when not in use. It’s been an awesome piece of gear.

#4 – Get a Portable Solar Power Pack

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you were boondocking and lost power because your solar panels malfunctioned? It’s not always at the front of our minds to consider the “what-if’s” of a potentially tricky or dangerous situation.

So hack your backup power.

A portable solar power pack highly beneficial during such a desperate circumstance. These devices produce a high amount of power. They’re also frequently waterproof and offer multi-protection benefits, including preventing temperature combustion and short-circuiting.

These are the best portable solar power generators on the market.

#5 – Use Solar Powered Lights and Accessories

When you use solar-powered lights and accessories, the benefits are numerous for your health and your wallet.

Even though they can sometimes require an investment upfront, solar energy more than pays for itself over the long haul. Solar-powered lights and other tools are particularly helpful when you’re boondocking. And, utilizing the natural sunlight for your electrical needs instantly gives your RV a feeling of peace.

Solar power is resourceful, minimal, and tasteful. Anytime you can enhance a space using what you already have available is an excellent hack. And this one’s a win/win for everyone, mother nature included.

Pro Tip: We use these solar-powered lanterns when camping. They stay powered for quite a while and are pretty rugged.

Budget-Friendly Boondocking Hacks

The next time you’re ready to hit the road for some epic boondocking, take along these five cheap hacks. The truth is this style of camping is extremely budget-friendly.

We certainly can’t imagine a more cost-effective way to immerse ourselves in the outdoors, except possibly tent camping. 

Finding that delicate balance between comfort and convenience can sometimes be a challenge. To truly unplug from your chaotic life, we suggest every RVer try this way of camping at least once. Even if you try it and don’t like boondocking, never stop finding a new place to adventure.

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