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5 Reasons to Avoid a Route 66 Road Trip

5 Reasons to Avoid a Route 66 Road Trip

5 Reasons to Avoid a Route 66 Road Trip

No question traveling along Route 66 is a classic American road trip, but it may not be for everyone.

The historic highway has its charms, for sure. However, there are also some reasons you may want to bypass it. We’ve come up with five reasons to avoid a Route 66 Road Trip.

Let’s dig in!

What Makes a Route 66 Road Trip So Special?

In some ways, a cruise along America’s Main Street, as it’s sometimes called, is a ride down Memory Lane. Taking the 2,400-mile trip from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, is a quintessentially American experience. The Mother Road spans the very heart of our beautiful nation. During the 20th Century, it helped usher in the freedom to travel that we continue to celebrate today.

Nostalgia is a big part of the appeal, too. Rolling along this historic route offers more than a glimpse into bygone days, though. It’s also a chance to move at a slower pace and enjoy a series of almost cinematic landscapes.

5 Reasons to Avoid a Route 66 Road Trip

But to sing a slightly different tune, you might want to get your kicks somewhere else. Here are some reasons that a Route 66 road trip may not be the best idea.

#1 – Much of Route 66 is Desolate

There’s a lot to see along the way, including many iconic and kitschy attractions. Some of these have survived through the decades, while others are more retro in nature. Truth be told, there are long distances between them where there’s not much of interest.

Worse, there are sometimes too many miles between places where you can service your vehicle if you need to. You certainly don’t want to be stranded by the side of the road, no matter how historic it is.

#2 – Gas Prices are Crazy 

It was the tourist trade that built up Route 66 back in its golden era. A growing stream of traffic gave rise to more businesses to cater to those visitors. That’s why so many motels, restaurants, and service stations sprang up.

These days, the price per gallon for gas and diesel along Route 66 is sometimes astronomical (almost always above the national average).

There are a few reasons for this. There’s less competition, so gas stations can trap motorists into paying the going rate. With traffic being down, especially in the off-season, mom and pop might raise prices to stay in business.

#3 – Many Attractions Are Gone or Shut Down

The heyday of Route 66 is long gone, though there have been some admirable efforts to revive it in places. In fact, many of those slices of Americana we associate with Route 66 are history.

You’ll find numerous crumbled ruins or boarded-up shells in many places. They’re interesting to see, but also sad reminders of another time.

#4 – Some of the Original Road is Gone

It isn’t just the thrill that’s gone. Some of the actual pavement is, too. When the interstate system came along in the 1950s, the government bypassed parts of Route 66 and paved over others. This makes it impossible to drive the original route.

Long stretches have disappeared, covered by newer construction or transitioned into federal Interstate.

#5 – It Can be Busy in the Summer Season

It’s not all derelict, however. So the powerful appeal of a Route 66 road trip endures. Older generations love revisiting the road while many younger motorists are eager to discover it for themselves.

During peak times of the year, crowds are so big that you can almost visualize those glory days. Unfortunately, this spells overcrowding because there aren’t as many existing businesses to cater to them anymore.

Is a Route 66 Road Trip Worth It? 

Route 66 ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure. There are many places along the route, however, that are still worth visiting. It’s kind of hard to put into words, but it has an almost magical place in our history.

It also crisscrosses some gorgeous terrain. Perhaps the best way to experience Route 66 is by making a series of strategic strikes. Research places on the old route that you want to visit and find ways to access them from other highways.

Pro Tip: Here are the best roadside attractions on Route 66.

Plan Your Route 66 Road Trip Wisely

Some say a Route 66 road trip is an epic adventure, while others call it boring, expensive, and overrated. We think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Plan your trip wisely and realize, sadly, that it may not completely live up to its almost mythical status.

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Phyllis Perreault-Bencivenga

Monday 17th of January 2022

I agree with your points. We were traveling in our 1998 Lazy Daze Class C when we blew a motor. We had to get towed. the garage was in Logan, New Mexico. It took 8 month of hell before we got it back. They quoted us one price of $7000-$9000 and then at pick Pandemic was on, we had to give them $10,000 cash and then 6 months later another$9500. We were trapped and had no choice. It’s tough. We had to get a loan from our credit union. Be aware of Terry’s . We had to get a Uber ride to hertz rental in Amarillo, Texas from Logan, New Mexico and Tucomcarie, N. M. To rerun rental car It cost us $225 for one way. This is a very goid article and great talking points! Thank you. I figure our experience would be the icing on the cake to validate your truths.

Charley hite

Friday 1st of October 2021

I just got back from a 3 week road trip. I drove every inch of I-10 then turned around and drove most of route 66. Yes it's very different but as American as you could ever wish for. If you are even considering it. Don't hesitate. GO GET YOU'RE KICKS ON ROUTE 66


Sunday 11th of July 2021

We just got back from a rt 66 trip. Great fun and got to see lots of things. The good news is, the author of this article wasn't there to spoil it.

Marcelo Gomes

Saturday 10th of July 2021

Yes, it is worth every mile. I did it 3 times, and I can give you 500 reasons to do it. Last one was in June and I'm looking forward to driving it again.

Scott Williams

Monday 14th of June 2021

Just traveled several miles of old and new 66. My wife and I chose to drive instead of flying. We enjoyed the small tucked away places. Take my advice and enjoy the road as it was intended and you will learn about the history of each area. Sometimes a little imagination creates the perfect trip than the article proposed. I am writing this from a 1915 Hotel we found along our route.

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