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3 Best Class A Toy Hauler RVs

3 Best Class A Toy Hauler RVs

Over the years, Class A toy haulers have become legitimate hybrid RVs with fashionable outfitting and rugged garage spaces.

Toy haulers have become hugely popular since their inception in the late 90s. And as the toy hauler market has matured, Class A toy haulers have also evolved from their less practical earlier models.

Let’s take a look!

What is a Class A Toy Hauler RV?

A toy hauler is an RV with all the usual accommodations with garage space for transporting “the toys.” Most typical toy haulers are either travel trailers or fifth-wheel trailers. Class A toy haulers are regular Class A RVs with a ramp in the rear that leads to the garage.

Towable toy haulers come with various garage sizes. However, Class A toy haulers are typically equipped with 10-foot garages. These are large enough to fit a few motorcycles or a golf cart.

One notable difference between toy haulers compared to other Class A units is the lack of diesel pushers. The garage and ramp occupy the space where a rear diesel engine usually goes.

So the Class A chassis need to have their engines in the front.

What Are The Benefits of a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

Compared to other motorhomes, the Class A toy hauler opens up new opportunities for bringing fun gear with you. Such as motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, kayaks, bicycles, or anything you can dream of that fits into an 8×10 space.

Many Class A owners tow another vehicle (a “toad”), so they can get around when they get to camp. But, the toy hauler allows them to bring a full touring motorcycle without the inconvenience of towing.

The possibilities are incredible. Many RVers choose a toy hauler just for the hobby space for a sewing room or a small woodshop.

Another market for the Class A haulers is show dog owners. Transporting crated dogs in the garage of a towable toy hauler is very risky and stressful for the dogs. But the garage of a Class A toy hauler is much safer and more comfortable. It even benefits from the same climate controls as the rest of the coach.

And while the Class A haulers from years back were more utilitarian than comfortable, today’s units are outfitted with the luxury features that Class A owners demand.

Pro Tip: Class A RVs aren’t for everyone. Here are 5 reasons you may want to avoid Class A RVs.

3 Best Class A Toy Hauler RVs

Here, we’ve presented three of the best Class A toy haulers for you. Let’s take a look.

#1 – Newmar Canyon Star Class A Toy Hauler RV Model 3927

The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 stands out as the only (to date) Class A toy hauler with a diesel engine. Although technically not a diesel pusher, this front-engine Class A hauler’s quiet engine delivers the horsepower and torque we all love from our diesels.

It’s designed with a lower engine to avoid the typical “dog house” hump in the cockpit area. This additionally makes sitting and walking around much more comfortable.

The Canyon Star toy hauler is every bit as luxurious as the other Canyon Star models, but with the additional benefit of the rear garage. It stands out as the best equipped of all the Class A haulers. You truly wouldn’t know you were in a toy hauler if you didn’t see the garage.

Although the washer/dryer enclosure takes up part of this unit’s garage space, there’s still plenty of room. The garage also houses two queen beds: one dedicated bunk and one dinette that converts to a queen sleeper. Both of these bunks raise out of the way when not in use. The dinette is a great space, though, for sitting at a dinner table and enjoying the rear entertainment center.

The Freightliner chassis is rated for 6,000 pounds of towing capacity and 1,500 pounds of cargo in the garage. This means you can tow a cargo trailer in case you have more toys than the garage can handle.

Ramp Angle

The only caveat about the Canyon Star’s garage (and this is true for all of the Class A haulers) is the ramp’s steeper angle. Unlike towable toy haulers, the Class A chassis sits higher. As a result, the ramp door is shorter, and the angle is steeper than a typical toy hauler.

Loading a heavy bike will be tricky. Although, you can add blocking and a ramp extension to reduce the angle and assist with loading and unloading.

#2 – Thor Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler Motorhome 38MB

The Thor Outlaw models are practical toy haulers while still being attractive Class A motorhomes. The only feature that doesn’t seem so ideal is the sliding glass doors that separate the master sleeper from the garage. These doors may be convenient.

However, they don’t offer the same privacy you’d expect in the sleeping quarters, especially if guests or family are using the rear sleeper in the garage.

Like many Class A units, the Outlaw has generous cargo space for storage. You can store bulkier items like camp chairs in the garage and save the pass-through cargo bays for riding gear and tools for your toys. The exterior is also equipped with a fueling station to gas up your toys. This allows for more space and less risk than when carrying fuel canisters in your garage. There’s also an auxiliary LP line with a quick connect for a propane grill.

The Onan 5500 generator draws its fuel from the coach’s gas tank and provides power when you’re boondocking. In addition, the converter is equipped with hard-wired surge protection for when you’re on shore power. 

One possible shortcoming is the tank capacities. One toy hauler hallmark is the increased capacity for boondocking. Unfortunately, the Outlaws only provide 40 gallons each for black and gray tanks. This seems to be at odds with the incredible sleeping capacity: a queen above the cockpit, convertible sofa and kitchen dinette, master queen, and two more queens in the garage.

#3 – Thor Outlaw Class A Toy Hauler Motorhome 38KB

The Outlaw 38KB is just as impressive as the 38MB, or possibly even more impressive. The main difference in the 38KB is the upgraded sleepers.

The master bedroom comes standard with a “Tilt-A-View” inclining king-size bed. Part of this is a convenience to give you a reclining king bed. The other reason is a necessity because the bed needs to fold up when the bedroom slide is in. Hopefully, this doesn’t damage the king mattress.

The rear sleeper is an interesting feature. The “Sky Bunk” loft queen stays in place whether the lower space is set up as a dinette, queen sleeper, or stowed up above when the garage is in use. The Sky Bunk loft is a more comfortable sleeper than most rear Happijac lift queens. It features a charging station for mobile devices and a view of the rear entertainment center.

Other than the different sleeper configurations, the 38KB and 38MB units have many of the same features, including two gas stove burners and one induction cook surface, a residential fridge, 1 100-pound propane tank, a Zero G easy lift ramp door, and a patio party ramp.

They both also provide a 9000-pound towing capacity, an optional tankless on-demand water heater, and stainless steel tool storage in the garage. In addition, the bedroom closets are prepped for a washer/dryer.

What To Look for in a Class A Toy Hauler RV

Here are some things to keep in mind when you shop for a Class A hauler.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

How much Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) does the fully equipped coach include? How much CCC will remain for your toys, tools, and other necessities once you fill your RV with gas, water, food, and gear? Be careful not to pick out a gorgeous motorhome without the muscles to carry everything you need for your trip.

Living Space

With so much generous sleeping space, will the coach have enough room for everyone to sit down for meals? And can everyone see the TV from where they’re sitting?

The beauty of these toy hauler models is that the rear garage gives you room for the kids to sit at their own dinner table and watch what they want to watch on the entertainment system.


Is the layout comfortable enough for everyone to be happy on the road, then happy at camp? 

Depending on the level of privacy you require, will you be comfortable with family or guests coming in from the garage through the master bedroom to use the bathroom at night?

Class A Toy Haulers Provide Space for Fun

Class A toy haulers used to be a gimmick. The toy hauler community ridiculed them as being impractical and sub-standard as haulers. Now, even though the Class A hauler garages aren’t large enough to carry a twelve-foot side-by-side UTV, they’re plenty big enough to fit a Harley or multiple smaller motorcycles.

These newer units let you enjoy all the high-end benefits of a gorgeous Class A and still bring along a garage-load of fun.

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