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3 Surprisingly Common RV Resort Misconceptions

3 Surprisingly Common RV Resort Misconceptions

An RV resort is a popular RV camping option, especially for the traveler who prefers a life of luxury. But, you might be surprised to find out that not all resorts truly fit the bill! 

So how do you know which RV resorts fit into the luxurious category? This article describes the top misconceptions, and explains how to find luxury RV resorts near you.

Let’s get into it!

What is an RV Resort? 

An RV resort is generally the nicest campground option because they have amenities you won’t find at regular RV parks or campgrounds. These amenities vary but typically include a pool and larger sites.

The resorts are also usually gated and require a security code or pass to enter. They can charge a premium for their campsites because of the resort status and extra amenities. 

3 Surprisingly Common RV Resort Misconceptions

Don’t let the phrase “resort” fool you, though. There’s no official designation to classify such a campground. RV resorts are generally assumed to be the most luxurious of all camping options, but sometimes they don’t live up to the name.

Here are three surprisingly common RV resort misconceptions.

#1 – The Word ‘Resort’ Means Luxury

While many RV parks with the word “resort” in their name are luxury destinations, not all of them are. Not by a long stretch! 

Some are simply more expensive RV parks. On the other hand, some resorts have various ‘luxury’ amenities but allow them to fall into disrepair. 

#2 – Only New, Fancy Rigs Are Allowed

Not all RV resorts have rig restrictions! You might assume that a park with “resort” in the title has the “10-year rule”, but not all of them do. For example, many Thousand Trails campgrounds are resorts, and for the most part, anyone with a rig in good condition is allowed in. 

Don’t let the name resort scare you away from making a reservation if your rig is old but in good shape! If in doubt, give them a call. Some parks that follow the “10-year rule” will make an exception if you can send them pictures of your RV, and they see it’s well maintained. 

#3 – They’re All Super Expensive

Many RV resorts are just as affordable as nearby parks and campgrounds. It depends on the area, the season, and the amenities of that particular resort. 

For example, traveling in the off-season will almost always yield a better rate, as will booking extended stays. Many RV parks, campgrounds, and resorts will offer discounted rates for campers who book for weeks or a month at a time. 

Looking for a True Resort Experience? Read Reviews

Campground reviews are the best place to look to determine whether a resort truly lives up to its name. 

Use websites like Google reviews, Campground Reviews, and Campendium to read real reviews from real RVers about the state of the campground or resort in question. 

Campgrounds cannot pay to have reviews altered or deleted, so you know you’re reading accurate and up-to-date information. 

As with anything, take reviews with a grain of salt. Some reviewers have very high expectations! But, if every review is similar, you know you’re reading accurate information.

How Do I Find RV Resorts Near Me? 

Finding resorts near you is as simple as a Google search or using the websites mentioned above! Allstays and The Dyrt are also excellent apps for finding campgrounds of all types. Be sure to include the word “resort” in your search. 

Are RV Resorts Worth It? 

Are RV resorts worth it? The answer to this question is subjective! RV resorts, especially the truly luxurious ones, are a wonderful way to travel. Some resorts are so nice that you may not want to leave to explore the area!

But, if a resort charges luxury prices and doesn’t offer luxury amenities, the answer would be a hard no. On the other hand, if you read reviews and campers seem happy with the price and amenities, yes, it’s worth it!

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