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5 Best National Park Puzzles

5 Best National Park Puzzles

National park puzzles are an excellent way to relive adventures and explore our country’s most stunning landscapes.

Checking a national park off your bucket list certainly brings a sense of accomplishment. Many parks, though, are far away from home. Others have demanding trails or other travel challenges that might put them farther down on your travel list.

But, whether you’ve been there or not, completing a national park puzzle makes for good family fun on a rainy day. So we’ve compiled five puzzles that will conjure memories made or yet to be created.

Let’s explore!

The 5 Best National Park Puzzles

Here are just a few samples of what’s available in national park puzzles. Be sure to check out specific websites to find other park selections.

#1 – Bison Special Edition – True South Puzzles

Puzzle Perks: Based on the Golden Age of Poster Art, the Bison Special Edition Puzzle collects several hand-drawn posters to create a retro-inspired puzzle. In fact, it’s a collage of 12 park posters with a single feature (the bison) in the center.

Initially, Anderson Design Group came up with posters that celebrated the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary. Then they produced this 500 piece work of art as an 18”x24” puzzle printed on an 80-point blue board and die-cut with handmade die masters. The finished product is a collectible puzzle within the National Park Series. The price is set at $26.95.

About The Company: Anderson Design Group has been creating hand-rendered posters of cities around the country for 20 years. Eventually, the group decided to branch out into work that encapsulated the 62 major national parks. Ultimately, they discovered their posters were even more popular than well-crafted puzzles. They create each of these hand-illustrated puzzles in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

#2 – Arches NP Skyline – National Park Puzzles

Puzzle Perks: When you can’t decide how many pieces you want to tackle, the Arches National Park Skyline Arch Puzzle gives you 500 or 1,000 to choose from. Printed on Grade A 1/16” chipboard, this jigsaw puzzle is sturdy enough to pick up after completing. It also has tight interlocking pieces cut with a dust-free manufacturing process. The artist includes a poster of the image in the box, so you can frame it if you want. The finished size of the 1,000 piece offering is 27.6” x 19.7,” and the price is $26.99. The 500 piece puzzle sells for $20.99.

About The Artist: James Kucharas recreated himself when an injury ended his day job, picking up photography as a sideline. Now he designs and markets puzzles from his own amazing photographs of national parks such as Glacierincluding this beautiful one of Skyline Arch in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah.

#3 – Protect Our National Parks – Lantern Press

Puzzle Perks: With over 50 national park postcard images collected in a large collage, the Protect Our National Parks puzzle certainly has everyone’s favorites represented. This 19” x 27” puzzle takes a nostalgic look at the patchwork of each park through original artwork. It’s printed on heavy 1/16” Grade A chipboard with premium archival paper to last as long as your lifetime park pass! Families will enjoy recounting memorable trips to the parks represented as they solve the puzzle’s perplexing mystery. This 1,000 piece presentation sells at $39.99. 

About The Company: Manufactured in Germany by Lantern Press, this puzzle celebrates national parks within the United States. Lantern Press uses superior quality digital printing at high resolutions. In addition, in-house artisans produce the original artwork to create these collectible puzzles like Protect Our National Parks.

#4 – Wilderness And Wonder – Anderson Design Group

Puzzle Perks: Enjoy hand-drawn posters representing each of the 62 major national parks as they come together in the Wilderness and Wonder puzzle from Anderson Design Group. Each drawing included evokes a longing for times gone by in our nation’s preserved landscapes. They create the puzzle with the utmost care, using handmade dies to cut each piece out of a high-quality blue board. In fact, you’ll want to save and frame this 500-piece wonder when you’re done! The finished size is 18” x 24”, and the price for Wilderness and Wonder is $29.95.

About The Company:  Anderson Design Group came together as its founder and artists followed their love of the Golden Age of poster art. Putting hand lettering and drawing techniques back on the board has given the company a distinctive look to its work, including its series of national park puzzles. 

#5 – Crater Lake Wooden Puzzle – Dowdle

Puzzle Perks: Invest in a puzzle that is not only challenging but is a part of art history, as well. The Crater Lake wooden puzzle represents the national park as a piece of folk art. Printed as a high-quality giclee print mounted on wood, this enticing puzzle has great detail and can even be personalized with the addition of your own picture in the display.

Completed puzzles come in three sizes: 280 pieces at 11” x 14”, 300 pieces at 16” x 20”, and 500 pieces at 16” x 20”. The artist laser cuts each puzzle. In addition, those who wish to add their own image to the mix can upload a picture of themselves, giving the artist a new “character” to create within the puzzle. Because he designs each puzzle individually, delivery time varies from one to six weeks. You can also add several upgrades to your order. Prices range from $59.99 to $139.99.

About The Artist: Folk artist, Eric Dowdle, is well known for the unique way he captures a scene in his artwork. Charming landscapes are his specialty, and he has recreated many national park destinations with a sense of whimsy and fun. His puzzles are an extension of the painting he has enjoyed since his twenties. This Eagle Scout loves to research his latest work, traveling worldwide to do so, but each finished piece has his stalwart sense of God, family, and country.

National Parks Puzzles as Shareable Art

For some reason, national parks always trigger a sense of ownership in Americans. These places represent the best of our country, from a historical viewpoint and a scenic one. Finishing a puzzle of any of our revered parks can be a great way to share your favorites with family and friends. It might even encourage you to make a trek to a new park not yet visited! 

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