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5 Reasons Not To Overlook The Honda EU2200i Generator

5 Reasons Not to Overlook The Honda EU2200i Generator

If you’re considering a new portable generator, you shouldn’t overlook the Honda EU2200. It’s packed with a unique set of top-quality features that’ll certainly make your next camping trip a breeze.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at this valuable piece of technology.

Let’s jump in!

5 Reasons Why The Honda EU2200i Generator Is Worth A Look

All generators will produce power. But, the Honda EU2200 is designed with a handful of distinct advantages that elevate it to the top tier of portable inverter generators.

#1 – More Power, Same Weight

With many generators, there’s a crucial trade-off between power and weight. Bulkier, heavier generators can produce more energy but offer less portability and flexibility. Lighter, more portable models can be taken easily on-the-go, but may not provide all the power you need.

The Honda EU2200i’s newest version helps avoid some of this trade-off by producing more power at the same weight. This is due to the new Honda GXR120 engine, which produces 10% more power than the previous model. That’s a total of 2200 watts! Plus, all of this power comes in at less than 47 pounds.

#2 – Easier Oil Changes

Oil changes are rarely anyone’s idea of a good time. Still, they’re an absolutely critical part of keeping any engine running correctly, and your generator is no different. Thankfully, Honda made this chore a bit easier. The large spout and drain gutter allow for quicker and cleaner oil changes. The EU2200i also includes an Oil Alert System that shuts off your generator if the oil falls below a safe level. 

#3 – Quiet Performance

Anyone who’s ever camped next to someone with a generator surely knows how annoying it is to have your peace ruined by the motor’s roar. The Honda EU2200i solves this problem by operating at a maximum of 57 decibels – less noisy than a typical conversation! That’s less than the average for generators, typically producing decibel levels in the mid to high 60s. This quiet operation allows you to get the power you need while not bothering you or your neighbors. 

#4 – Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is critical in a generator, both for the environment and for your wallet. Through the use of its Eco-Throttle System, you’ll enjoy between four and nearly ten hours of operation on a single one-gallon tank. In fact, Honda calls it an ideal choice for overnight power or other extended power needs. This extremely efficient operation means you can power an entire camping trip for just a few bucks!

#5 – Three Year Warranty

Inverter generators are complicated pieces of machinery, and unfortunately, things sometimes break. However, Honda stands behind its generators with a three-year warranty.

This warranty covers any part proven to be defective in material or manufacture under regular use. If anything goes wrong, take it to a Honda Power Equipment dealer and they’ll fix it for free! 

Why Do You Need A Generator For Your RV?

Generators are a crucial part of a full-featured RV setup. Without an inverter, your RV’s house batteries can only supply 12V DC electricity to your rig. This powers basic items like lights and your water pump. However, things like traditional wall outlets, your microwave, or your air conditioner need the 120V AC electricity provided by shore power or a generator.

With a generator, you can convert gasoline into this valuable AC power. As a result, you can enjoy all the comforts of your RV while off the grid. After all, many RVers prize both their freedom of movement and the high-end features of their rigs. Generators allow you to take advantage of both!

Put the Honda EU2200i Generator at the Top of Your List

Buying a generator is a significant investment and one you shouldn’t make without some research. You’ll need to consider your specific personal power needs and camping situation. The Honda EU2200 generator should be high on your list for its top-quality features, fuel efficiency, and long-term warranty. It’ll light up your next camping trip – literally!

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