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Famous YouTubers Buy RV Campground

Famous YouTubers Buy RV Campground

Famous YouTubers often buy Teslas and homes, but now some are buying an RV campground. You read that correctly, a campground!

Let’s see what the RV Odd Couple bought and what they plan to do with it.

Who Is the RV Odd Couple?

John and Mercedes, the RV Odd Couple, are full-time RVers with a successful YouTube channel. They’ve been traveling and documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly of their trips across the country.

They travel in an almost 42-foot Forest River Sandpiper fifth wheel. This provides the couple and their daughter with plenty of space for everyday life on the road. This couple is as opposite as can be in almost every aspect, so sometimes they need every inch of space they can get in an RV.

About the RV Odd Couple YouTube Channel

As content creators on YouTube, the couple brings plenty of drama. They’ve often found themselves in dramatic situations, whether it was a generator getting stolen off their RV, being rejected by other popular content creators, or getting escorted out of a casino by law enforcement. 

The couple has a loyal following of viewers they call The Odd Squad. The Odd Squad has grown to almost 145,000 subscribers. In addition, they’ve amassed more than 13 million views.

Why is the RV Odd Couple Buying an RV Campground? 

Many of the couple’s viewers write to them, telling them how hard it is to find campsites due to the boom in the RV industry. With more people getting into RVing, there are relatively few new campsites. The couple hopes to update an older campground to serve those looking for a place to use their RV.

The couple is looking for partners in this venture. They’ve created opportunities for volunteering and investing. They’re relying on their subscribers to help create a camping community based on their faith and values.

New RVers on the Road, But Not Enough Campsites

The RV industry has experienced record sales in recent years. A recent report says companies like Winnebago are experiencing massive sales growth due to millennials entering the market. More and more, people are waiting weeks, possibly even months, for RV delivery. Unfortunately, many manufacturers aren’t able to keep up with the demand.

And RV campgrounds are also struggling to keep pace. There are 15 million more campers annually compared to 2014. This boom is making it incredibly difficult and frustrating for many experienced RVers to snag campsites.

Gone are the days where you could call your favorite local campground at the last minute or arrive with no reservations. Instead, you might have to reserve months or a year in advance.

RVing Is Booming Thanks to COVID-19

COVID-19 forced many of us to cancel vacations and change our plans in 2020. As a result, many took unspent vacation money and invested instead in an RV. While many campgrounds shut down during the pandemic, several quickly reopened. As many RVs are fully self-contained, campers can maintain social distance and still have an incredible time.

RVs were also the perfect solution for those facing travel restrictions. You often don’t need to travel far to have a great weekend trip when you own an RV. RV manufacturers and campgrounds are reaping the benefits of people facing limited choices.

Is Buying an RV Park a Smart Move?

Buying an RV park is a smart investment as spots are likely to remain in high demand for years to come. Consider your location, as it could change how long the camping season lasts and the demand for camping sites. If you can find someplace with a year-round camping season and attractions, it can be a great investment. 

The RV Odd Couple appears to be making a wise choice at the perfect time. They’ll likely see a great return on their investment for years to come. Time will tell how this investment will pan out, but they certainly have a vision. Would you ever consider buying a campground?

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