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5 Best Hiking Apps for Finding Trails

5 Best Hiking Apps for Finding Trails

Some apps make our lives easier or more productive; hiking apps help us be more active. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and see new and incredible places.

Having a trusted hiking app can make the difference between taking a mundane hike and finding one that you won’t soon forget. We did some research to find the five best for you.

Let’s explore!

How to Find the Best Hiking Trails Near Me

It can be frustrating to find yourself on a hike below or, even worse, above your skill level. If you find yourself getting bored hiking the same trails over and over, it might be time to explore new hikes. A hiking app can help you discover somewhere new.

Benefits of Using Hiking Apps

Hiking apps can help you find new and exciting hikes. Our hiking styles change based on how we’re feeling, who joins us, and the weather. Having the option to see all of the hikes available to us at once helps us filter through them and make an informed decision. 

Hiking Apps Can Sort and Filter by Type, Length, and Difficulty

Hiking is a wonderful outdoor hobby, but it can be dangerous if you get in over your head. The right hiking app can help you avoid trouble. Sort hikes based on ability and other factors, so you don’t have to struggle through a hike you aren’t enjoying.

When you can sort hikes by type, you know your adventure will be a success. Sometimes you feel like a low elevation gain stroll; other times, you’re up for a challenge filled with creek crossings and rock scaling. Having the option to find trails by specific filters is an incredible benefit.

Pro Tip: Here are some surprisingly common hiking mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Hiking Apps Can Search by Location

If you aren’t familiar with the area you’re in, finding the best hiking trails can be challenging. Hiking apps can help you discover hidden gems just around the corner.

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for the best hiking to be the least advertised. An app is a bit like an organized word-of-mouth resource.  

Best Hiking Apps for Finding Trails

We’ve sorted through the many hiking apps available and can’t wait to share our top picks with you. Let us help you find your next hike!

1. AllTrails

AllTrails is a popular hiking app, and for a good reason. The expansive app lets you set several filters to find the right hike. If you’re hoping for a hike within 10 miles of your location rated as difficult and under 10 miles, the app has you covered. If you’re hoping to research a future hike in a specific location that’s great for families, you can easily search within those parameters. 

In addition to helping you to find hikes, there’s a wonderful user base producing reviews of the trail’s conditions and personal experiences. By subscribing, you can download trails for offline use. There are both free and paid features for AllTrails. 

2. Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS was created primarily as a backpacking app and is also a useful hiking app. Users can view their route with topographic maps and up-to-date weather forecasts, which can be important when hiking in ever-changing weather conditions. You can mark points of interest, create your tracks, and leave reviews for the benefit of others.

The app also allows users to find permitted hunting, mountain biking, skiing, and camping. There are both free and paid features of Gaia GPS. Some levels of membership allow the use of offline maps. 

3. Hiking Project

Hiking Project claims to be as thorough as a printed map but with the convenience of an on-the-go digital app. The app offers GPS route information and in-depth details such as elevation profiles, user reviews, and photos.

Similar to a guidebook, the app can suggest featured hikes in your area. In addition, hikers can download their hiking routes to use offline. Hikes are sortable by difficulty, length, rating, type, and elevation. 

4. National Park Service

The long-awaited National Park Service App is finally here! Not only can you sort all of the National Park Service locations, but you can also find sites close to your current location. You can also find hikes in the parks you plan to visit.

The hiking tab for each park lists available hikes, their locations, a short description, average time commitment, and accessibility. 

5. PeakVisor

PeakVisor is great for those who like to hike mountain ranges. The app provides access to all the major and minor mountain ranges in the world. In addition, it’s available offline for those out-of-range locations. 

While the app specializes in mountains, users can also locate waterfalls and castles. With advanced technology, users can determine the elevation of any peak within view. This app is free to all users around the world. 

Hiking Apps Save Time and Sanity

A hiking app can help you spend more time on the trail and less time looking for the trail. They can also help you find the right trail for you. What apps have helped you find your favorite hikes?

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