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The 9 Most Beautiful Areas of the Grand Canyon

The 9 Most Beautiful Areas of the Grand Canyon

Arizona’s beautiful Grand Canyon is one of America’s most popular national park areas containing around 1,218,375 acres. With all that space, how can you pinpoint the most picturesque areas to visit?

We’ve researched to find the top most beautiful areas in and around the Grand Canyon.

Let’s explore!

About the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon lies in the Colorado Plateau of northwestern Arizona, and it’s about one mile deep and 18 miles across at its widest point. The Colorado River weaves its way through the bottom of the canyon for 277 miles.

The river is what’s left of ancient waters that carved the canyon from layered, colorful rocks that are millions of years old.

Visitors have numerous options for exploring the Grand Canyon. Walking and hiking are popular ways to travel. But you can also take tours with mules, a train, or a helicopter. The mules and helicopters will get you to the bottom of the canyon if you prefer not to hike into it.

There are various scenic drives, such as Desert View (aka East Rim), which takes you to Desert View Point – one of the most popular areas in Grand Canyon National Park to view the sunset.

Drive them in your car or ride your motorcycle or bicycle.

View the Grand Canyon’s Beauty Safely

The Grand Canyon, though beautiful, has its dangers. The desert location means high heat in the summers and dehydration any time of year, so drink plenty of water and get into air conditioning if you start feeling overheated. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are severe medical emergencies, so do your best to avoid them.

On the other hand, winter weather can include snow and freezing temperatures, so come prepared with layers and warmer clothing.

Flash floods can occur in the area too. Even if it’s not raining there, rains from nearby areas can quickly flood the wash you’re hiking in. Know the warning signs and remain aware of your surroundings.

Viewpoints can also be dangerous places. Keep your feet on the designated trails and your eyes on the edges. And, please, don’t be one of those people who get injured or die because they were goofing off and jumping around the edge of a cliff.

Your friends will be happy to see you in the safer photographs or videos you take.

The Grand Canyon’s Most Beautiful Locations

We picked the three most beautiful places in the Grand Canyon in each of its main areas: South Rim, North Rim, and unique locations.

South Rim

The South Rim is open year-round and is the more accessible side of the Grand Canyon. Mather Point, Hopi Point, and Mohave Point are three of the most beautiful parts of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim area.

Mather Point is the iconic view of the Grand Canyon. It’s the one you see in nearly every article or photo series. It’s also the most crowded area due to its ease of access, visitor center, and cafe.

Besides the off-season, better times to visit the viewpoint are golden hour around sunset or sunrise.

Hopi Point, west of Grand Canyon Village on the Rim Trail, is another famous spot for sunset and sunrise viewing. It extends farther into the canyon than any other point on the South Rim, providing stunning panoramas of the Colorado River and the canyon.

You can also see the various “temples” rising from the canyon floor. The rock formations include Shiva, Isis, and Zoroaster Temples.

Mohave Point is Hopi Point’s less-crowded sister. It offers spectacular views of the river and the Grand Canyon’s beautiful sunsets. From Hopi Point, you can walk the mile along Rim Trail to get there or take the shuttle.

In addition, the sun often lights up the river in late mornings, creating a magical ribbon on the canyon floor.

North Rim

The North Rim is closed from October to May, so you’ll have to catch these beautiful Grand Canyon views during peak season. However, fewer people visit the North Rim and even fewer hike below the rim’s edge.

So crowds won’t be nearly as large as on the South Rim.

Bright Angel Point is certainly the most popular viewpoint on this side of the Grand Canyon. At 8,148 feet in elevation, it’s higher than the South Rim by 1,000 feet. Bright Angel is also easy to get to and offers beautiful views of various rock formations such as the Transept, Bright Angel Canyon, and the San Francisco Peaks.

Pro Tip: Here’s a complete guide to Bright Angel Trail.

Point Imperial is, according to the National Park Service, “reliably jaw-dropping” for sunrises. It’s the highest viewpoint in the Grand Canyon, 2,500 feet above the opposite rim.

Cape Royal gives you an amazing 300-degree view of the Grand Canyon’s beauty, offering views of Angel’s Window and the Colorado River’s curve from a southerly to northwesterly flow. It’s a 15-mile drive from the North Rim visitor center, then a quick, easy trail to the viewpoint. You’ll also be able to see Wotan’s Throne and Freya’s Castle from here.

Unique Views

Plateau Point is a six-mile hike from the Bright Angel Trailhead. But the beautiful rewards are worth those who can make the trek into the Grand Canyon. As you walk, you’ll see stunning views of mesas, plateaus, and the Colorado River twisting its way through the canyon.

The National Park Service suggests booking a night or two at the Indian Garden Campground to rest up before heading back up the 3,195-foot climb to the rim.

Tuweep Overlook, also known as, Toroweap, provides a beautiful view of the river coming down through the Grand Canyon. You won’t have people getting in your shot here as it requires driving a high clearance vehicle over a rough 60-mile dirt road to get there.

There’s also no water or other amenities, so ensure you’ve stocked supplies before heading out. All that said, it’s absolutely one of the most stunningly beautiful views with cliffs dropping 3,000 feet. In fact, it’s one of the narrowest and deepest places in the Grand Canyon.

Havasupai Falls consists of five significant waterfalls, such as the famous Havasu Falls. The beautiful turquoise blue waters and the challenge of this hike lure most people into the depths of the Grand Canyon.

On the other hand, you can take a 15-minute helicopter flight directly to the falls if you’re not up for this extensive journey. You can also bring your own horses to trek the trail or hire mules to carry your gear if you still want to do the hike.

Pro Tip: The hike to Havasu Falls is strenuous and requires an advance permit. Get the details here before you plan your trip.

The Grand Canyon’s Countless Beautiful Places

We’ve listed nine of the Grand Canyon’s locations that show stunning beauty. In reality, though, you could say that the entire canyon is beautiful and there are no bad places to explore. What area do you feel is the most beautiful in the Grand Canyon?

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