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Why We Chose a PullRite 5th Wheel Hitch

Why We Chose a PullRite 5th Wheel Hitch

We chose a PullRite 5th wheel hitch for our GMC truck to tow our new 40’ fifth wheel, and we’re loving our choice. 

So, why did we choose this specific hitch? In this article, we talk about the specs and features of this 5th wheel hitch and why we chose it above all others.

What is a PullRite 5th Wheel Hitch? 

The PullRite 5th wheel hitches are American-made truck bed hitches for 5th wheel RVs and trailers. 

PullRite has many different hitches and hitch systems from gliding hitches, rail-mounted hitches, gooseneck hitches, and more. 

Our truck has an #1800 OE Puck Series hitch and we couldn’t be more happy with it.

Why We Chose a PullRite 5th Wheel Hitch

Honestly, the main reason we chose the PullRite 5th wheel hitch is this: it’s made in the USA by American workers with American parts.

This is a factor that is incredibly important to us. We know that we have a quality hitch and that we are supporting American workers and an American company. 

Another deciding factor when choosing this 5th wheel hitch is how seamlessly and easily it installs on our truck, a GMC Sierra 3500.

This hitch is designed to fit our truck’s puck system and installs without any tools and zero damage to the bed of the truck. We didn’t have to add rails or any extra equipment, and we can remove the hitch whenever we need to use the bed of our truck.

Our Truck: GMC Sierra 3500

We chose a GMC Sierra 3500 truck to pull our new 40’ fifth wheel. Our truck came with a towing package, and GMC has a puck system built into the bed that our hitch installs into. 

There are 4 holes, or pucks, in the truck bed. The PullRite hitch has 4 locking ‘legs’ that drop through the hitch into the pucks. These legs easily lock into place without any tools required. 

Our RV: Alliance Paradigm 390 MP

We recently purchased a 40’ Alliance Paradigm 390 MP. This RV gives our family plenty of room to grow. It comes in at just over 41’ in length and has a GVWR of 16,800 pounds. 

With such a large RV, we wanted a hitch that we were certain could handle it. The PullRite 1800 fit the bill perfectly!

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Our PullRite Hitch Review, Features, and Specs

Our specific hitch is the #1800 OE Puck Series 25k Super 5th for long bed GM trucks. This hitch is rated for up to 25,000 pounds, so we knew it could handle our 5th wheel with ease. 

This hitch is made for long bed trucks specifically.

For short bed trucks, PullRite has gliding hitches as well. You can find the perfect hitch for you no matter how long your truck bed is. 

This hitch has a fully automatic locking jaw and is the only self-locking handle on the market. 

PullRite’s hitch plate allows us to couple and uncouple our fifth wheel on uneven ground, which is perfect for us because we love boondocking!

The PullRite Hitch is Great for Us

Overall, we are really happy with our purchase. We think this is the best hitch for our specific setup, and we love that it’s American made. We are still getting used to towing such a big RV, but this hitch makes hooking up and unhooking a dream.

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