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The 7 Best Budget RVs for $20,000 or Less, Ranked

The 7 Best Budget RVs for $20,000 or Less, Ranked

When looking for the perfect RV, there are a lot of factors to consider, especially your budget.

And finding the right RV with the right price tag can be tough.

With that in mind, here are some of the best RVs for under $20,000.

Let’s check them out!

How Much Does the Average RV Cost? 

According to TAXA, an RV manufacturer, RV prices can range between $10,000 and more than $150,000. Many factors affect prices, such as size, layout, class, and age. However, the average price, specifically for travel trailers, is between $10,000 and $60,000.

Pro Tip: Each class size of RV offers different benefits, but they also come with different price tags. Find the perfect RV for your budget by reading How Much Do RVs Cost? 

What Kind of RV Can I Buy for a $20K Budget? 

There are many options for RVs under $20,000. As stated before, prices depend on many factors. Although all these factors make determining a specific price for an RV complicated, having a lot of options means you should be able to find one that will suit your lifestyle as well as your budget.

However, you need to be aware that fifth wheels and mobile homes are likely not an option in this price range. 

Small motorhome RV parked in the sunset
Many travel trailers fit within a $20,000 or less budget.

The Best RVs for a $20K or Less Budget

Although there are many options for RVs under $20K, here are some of our favorites. Join us as we take a deeper look at each one.

The Coachmen Freedom Express 

Coachmen has multiple RVs in the Freedom Express line for various budgets. The most economical, and the smallest, is the Freedom Express Ultra Lite.

But even though the Coachman Freedom Express Lite is small, it packs some nice features. Amenities include a power awning with LED lighting, an exterior shower, room for a queen-size bed, and a winterizing kit that makes year-round RVing that much easier.

Jayco Jay Feather 

The newest version of the Jayco Jay Feather is the Micro. The Jay Feather Micro is Jayco’s lightest travel trailer to date and weighs less than 4,500 pounds.

Even with its compact size, this little RV has a lot to offer. The Micro has all the essentials and some extras, including a fully-equipped kitchen, crack-proof flooring, and innovative technology that makes this one of the lightest and strongest RVs in the industry.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 

The Dutchmen Aspen Trail offers 82 inches of interior height in the main compartment and 72 inches in the slide-out. There’s an amazing kitchen with an under-mount stainless steel sink and seamless countertops.

The bedroom features a true 60 x 80-inch queen bed. Finally, the underbelly is fully enclosed, which helps weatherproof important systems such as water lines, and protects them from rough terrain or bumpy roads.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro has all the amenities you could want in a size that’s perfect for our modern towing needs. More people are towing their RVs with SUVs, which has created a need for lighter, more easily towed RVs.

However, these RVs still need to supply all the comforts of the larger models. And the Rockwood Geo Pro RV doesn’t disappoint in style or budget. Even in its smaller size, it provides a comfortable kitchen with a cooktop and 12V refrigerator, solar capability, and a half bathroom with a shower and floor flushing toilet.

Keystone Hideout 

The Keystone Hideout has a range of sizes from just over 21 feet to just under 40 feet, which makes it easier to find the right RV for you.

Features include a central vacuum system, ample storage in the kitchen with hidden pantries, and a 4G/LTE wifi prep that’s ready to connect to any major cell phone network. 

Livin Lite Camplite

Though no longer in production, the Livin Lite Camplite is a great RV if you find it used. Bonus features include a kitchen with ample storage and an aluminum slide-out to increase living space.

A standard U-shaped dinette area is also included, which can actually be swapped for a sofa and folding table if that works better for you. 

Forest River Flagstaff

Forest River’s Flagstaff line has multiple model options. One of the smallest, lightest, and best-priced options is the Flagstaff E-Pro.

At only about 20 feet and fewer than 3,500 pounds, the E-Pro is perfect if you’re planning on towing with a smaller, more economical SUV. Additional features include a Showermi$er Water Saver.

How to Find the Best Budget RVs

There are a lot of great locations to find an affordable RV. If smaller size is what you’re looking for, then buying new may be an option. You can work with a reputable dealer to find the RV that fits your life and budget. 

Sometimes you can find a better price for a used RV. However, be careful when buying used. Check the manufacture date. An older RV may need repairs. Reading reviews can help you find a make and model that’s more reliable and narrow down your choices to a used RV you can trust for years to come.

Keep in Mind: It might be tempting to get an RV loan to pay for your dream home on wheels, but these are 5 Reasons to Avoid RV Loans.

Woman standing in front of camper
Be careful when purchasing an affordable RV option to find one that still offers a quality experience for your travel needs.

Should You Buy a Budget RV? 

When looking for an RV, price should always be an important factor. You want to get the right RV for your lifestyle but also need to make sure that it’s a price you can afford. Although having a nice RV is great, the stress of a payment that’s too high is often not worth it.

However, you should always be careful that your “good deal” isn’t actually something with poor craftsmanship or that’s too old to be sound. Make sure when looking that you’re buying something sustainable and reliable.

Do you have any tips for finding a cheaper RV?

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