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This Homemade RV Tank Treatment Actually Works

This Homemade RV Tank Treatment Actually Works

If you’ve never dealt with RV tanks, you might feel uncomfortable cleaning them, especially with a homemade tank treatment.

But you have to keep your tanks working well and odor-free.

Thankfully there are some great homemade RV tank treatments, including the Geo Method.

Let’s take a look!

The Best Homemade RV Tank Treatment: The Geo Method

There are many homemade RV holding tank treatments that RVers have come up with over the years. Many swear by their tried and true methods for cleaning their tanks. We believe the best homemade RV tank treatment is the Geo Method. Keep reading to find out how we utilize the Geo Method and what you need to get started. 

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What Is the Geo Method? 

The Geo Method uses a combination of products to clean your holding tanks. Those who swear by this method believe that the combination cleans the sidewalls of the tank in addition to prohibiting waste build-up.

Lastly, it can reduce or eliminate odors when done regularly.  

Woman sitting with a basket of cleaning products
The Geo Method combines laundry softener, laundry detergent, bleach, and plenty of water for an easy RV tank cleaner.

Ingredients Needed for This Homemade RV Tank Treatment

The Geo Method is a way to clean your tanks with laundry softener, laundry detergent, bleach, and plenty of water. Choose any brands you like. You can use either liquid or powdered softeners such as Calgon or Borax. Use either powdered laundry detergent or even dish soap. And pick up any bleach you find at a local store.

One of the most important ingredients is plenty of water. For the best results, use very hot water, though not boiling. This helps the ingredients mix well, as well as break down the waste in your tanks. 

Pro Tip: The ingredients used in the Geo Method are common to find, but read more to find out Is It Safe to Put Bleach in Your RV Black Tank?

How to Do the Geo Method

The first step to Geo Method’s homemade treatment is to empty all of your RV’s tanks. Then grab a gallon container or bucket to begin mixing and distributing your ingredients. Fill your container with very hot water, mixing in two cups of your softener. Pour the full gallon into your kitchen sink.

Repeat the same mixture but this time, pour it into your bathroom sink.

Next, refill your gallon container with another two cups of softener and add one cup of laundry detergent. This mixture should flush down each toilet in your RV. Your gray tanks don’t need the added detergent because of the soap already present.

Lastly, simply continue to use your tanks as normal until it’s time to dump them. 

How Does the Geo Method Work? 

The Geo Method works by cleaning and sanitizing your tanks. The homemade treatment combines softener and soap to wash away the build-up on your tank walls. Additionally, they help prevent any new waste from sticking to the walls.

The bleach sanitizes the tanks and keeps odors at bay. 

How Often Should You Do the RV Geo Method? 

You can repeat the Geo Method regularly. If you start to notice that your tanks don’t seem to be flushing clean or have a bit more odor, you may need to do it again. Some RVers use the method every time they dump, whereas others just use it as necessary. 

Pile of cleaning products, bottles, and sponges.
Use the Geo Method any time you empty your RV tank or whenever you notice your tanks aren’t flushing clean or have an odor.

Is the Geo Method Better than Store-Bought RV Tank Treatment?

The truth is, everyone swears by their own method. We do believe the Geo Method works better than store-bought holding tank treatments. It’s a tried and true method used by many RVers, both weekend warriors and full-timers.

The only way to determine which method works best for you is by trial and error. We suggest you start with this method as it has such great success stories. 

Is the Homemade RV Tank Geo Method Treatment Worth It? 

It can be frustrating trying to keep your holding tanks functioning properly and even more frustrating trying to get your tank sensors to read properly.

If you haven’t tried the Geo Method, we think it’s worth an attempt. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to treat your tanks and takes minimal effort. If it doesn’t work in your specific situation, it’s easy to move on to another method.

What have you found to be the best holding tank treatment? Has your method changed over time?

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  1. DuWayne D Hegel says:

    You’re article on the geo method doesn’t specify an Amount of bleach to use or if it is mixed in with the other chemicals or its own gallon of water. Also as a tip. Use a 2 gallon bucket to mix your 1 gallon of solution. Far less chance of spilling and easier to pour.

  2. Mike K says:

    Been using the Geo method for years. I use a cup of bleach. I buy all my supplies at a Dollar store. Do it
    after I dump every time.

  3. Sally Gilbert says:

    Just be aware that black and fabric softeners are NOT advisable in septic systems, so you dont want to use the geo method when you will be dumping into a septic system. Most rustic campgrounds are on septic, not city sewer.