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Can You Get Drive-Thru Alcohol on Your Road Trip?

Can You Get Drive-Thru Alcohol on Your Road Trip?

You might be surprised to learn that you can get drive-through alcohol as a part of your food and drink tour in some areas.

Many people enjoy trying local restaurants as they travel. Exploring local food and drinks is a great way to get to know an area.

Today, we’ll look at where you can find drive-through alcohol and what you can expect.

Let’s get started!

How Many States Allow Drive-Through Alcohol?

If you live in a state that doesn’t allow drive-through alcohol, you may not realize that as many as 30 states (as of 2018) allow some form of drive-up or drive-through liquor sales. Popular RVing states, such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California are on the list.

Every state has its own laws regarding the matter. Even within the same state, you can find varying laws. Some states still have entirely dry counties, while others allow drive-through sales. 

Woman hand holding a bottle of whiskey out of car window.
Depending on the state you are traveling through, you might be able to buy alcohol/pre-made cocktails through a drive-through.

What Kind of Alcohol Can You Buy in a Drive-Through?

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding how they handle drive-through alcohol. Some states allow drive-through liquor sales, while others only allow beer and wine. These rules can vary not only from state to state but also from county to county. A restaurant or establishment won’t knowingly let you leave with alcohol if it’s illegal.

Keep in Mind: Each state has different rules about open containers when RVing. Read more to find out Can You Carry Open Alcohol in an RV?

Can You Buy Pre-Made Cocktails on the Road?

In Louisiana and Texas, patrons can visit a drive-through liquor store and purchase ready-to-drink frozen alcoholic drinks. These drinks may contain rum, vodka, tequila, or other alcohol with concentrations as high as 190-proof.

While only two states, Louisiana and Texas, allow you to purchase pre-made cocktails on the road, 2020-2021 brought with it some temporary exemptions in certain states. Up to 33 states passed laws allowing cocktails to go. 

Are Open Containers Still Illegal in These States?

Yes, it’s still illegal to drink your alcoholic beverage even in states with drive-through alcohol sales. Louisiana state law indicates that an open container violation occurs if one of the car’s occupants removes the lid on the drink, puts a straw through the lid, or removes part or all of the drink’s contents. 

Pro Tip: Can’t find a shop selling drive-through alcohol? Why not try making one of these 7 Best Summer Cocktails For RV Camping.

Man receiving pre-made drink through a drive-through.
In Louisiana and Texas you can purchase pre-made cocktails while on the road.

Should You Get Drive-Through Alcohol on Your Road Trip?

If you want to up a few local drinks while staying in your vehicle, drive-through options can be a great choice. It makes grabbing a few drinks incredibly easy, especially if you forgot to get drinks while at the store. 

However, you must be responsible on your road trip. Remember that the presence of drive-through alcohol stores doesn’t strip away your responsibilities as a driver. You should never drink while driving, and it’s illegal for even your passengers to consume alcohol while in the vehicle. Please drink responsibly so you can continue to enjoy your trip without incident.

Man drinking a beer while driving his car.
Even if you can get drive-through alcohol, you should never drink it while driving your vehicle.

Drive-through alcohol sales make buying alcohol fast and convenient. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you don’t still need to be responsible behind the wheel. As delicious as that drink may be, it’s not worth the risk of an accident. Do you live in a state that allows drive-through alcohol? Have you ever tried it?

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