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Hate Small RV Trailers? These May Change Your Mind

Hate Small RV Trailers? These May Change Your Mind.

Small RV trailers may cramp your style, but we’ve found some that could change your mind.

Believe it or not, you can fit a bathroom and more in a 19-foot or smaller travel trailer. Often, all you need is an SUV to tow them, so you don’t have to upgrade to a large truck.

Curious? Keep reading to learn about nine small RV trailers we think you’ll love.

Let’s jump in!

What Amenities to Expect in a Small RV Trailer

Small RV trailers can contain nearly all the amenities of a large RV. Plus, they can pack in luxury and modern conveniences as well. From full baths and kitchen to good-sized holding tanks, you can go small and still camp comfortably. 

Vintage truck towing small travel trailer.
Small travel trailers give you similar amenities to a large RV, but don’t require a massive truck to tow.

9 Small RV Trailers Everyone Will Love

Each of these nine small RV trailers contains amenities that make them a fabulous suite on wheels. Check them out to see why they’re standouts in the RV industry. 

1: Casita Freedom Deluxe

The Casita Freedom Deluxe is 17 feet of quality. It may be small, but it packs in features and comfort. The dinette folds down into a double bed, and there are also two extra chairs with a table. Its kitchenette certainly has everything you need, including a sink, refrigerator, range, and storage.

In addition, there’s a wet bath with a shower and toilet in the deluxe model. We love the open and airy feeling of it and the optional modern colors for the interior.

Pro Tip: Want to know more about Casita campers? We got you covered! Read more about What Is a Casita Camper? 

2: Jayco Jay Feather Micro

Jayco’s Jay Feather Micro has five floorplans to choose from. They range from 13.4 feet to 22.3 feet and have a dry weight between 1,585 and 4,660 pounds.

All but one of the floorplans has a full bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. In fact, two have bunk beds, and the most extended model can sleep up to eight people. We love that you get all of the amenities of a large RV wrapped into a small, manageable tow behind.

3: Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

Forest River’s Rockwood Geo Pro has nine floorplans and one toy hauler. The length of these small RV trailers ranges from 11.3 feet to 21.8 feet, and they weigh between 1,252 and 3,547 pounds. Most of the floorplans have a full bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. There are versions with and without bunk beds. But they all have an adequate kitchen and good storage for such a small space. 

The Rockwood Geo Pro has a floor plan for everyone. It additionally comes with six-sided aluminum cage construction and a 190-watt roof mount solar panel with a 1,000-watt inverter. It can certainly help you get off the beaten path more easily. 

4: Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy’s Mini Max has a sleek, modern teardrop vibe. It’s quality on overload. The attention to detail is evident with the 100% maple hardwood cabinetry. And the natural light that comes through the dual-pane insulated windows is a show stopper.

You also get a wet bath with a shower and toilet, a full kitchenette, and a dinette that folds into a bed. Finally, with a dry weight of 2,320 pounds and tongue weight of 280 pounds, you can tow it with a small or midsize SUV. 

5: Aliner Expedition

The Aliner Expedition is a unique small RV trailer with hard pop-out dormers. It’s 18 feet long and only 1,850 pounds unloaded. The Expedition has a cassette toilet and an outside shower.

You can get a version with a sofa bed or a permanent queen bed. And it contains a dinette that also converts into a bed. In addition, there’s a kitchenette and storage. This small RV trailer is easy to manage and has quality features like vacuum bonded fiberglass panels and hypoallergenic cushions and mattresses.  

6: MeerKat Small RV Trailer

The MeerKat is a super cute 13-foot trailer. It only weighs 920 pounds unloaded. It also features a circular popup on the roof that allows for extra headroom. This small RV trailer has a porta-potty, sink, icebox, storage, and bench seating.

It’s a great option for short trips and weekend travel. We love that you can choose from several different colors for the exterior decals.

7: iCamp Elite

The iCamp Elite is a fully laminated small RV trailer. It has reinforced aluminum tubing frames on the body and high gloss fiberglass skin laminated over structural Styrofoam.

The trailer is 14 feet long and has a dry weight of about 2,900 pounds, making it easy to tow. In fact, the quality construction and compactness make it a great small option. It has a simple interior with a wardrobe, wet bath, fridge, and dinette that folds into a bed.

Pro Tip: Travel trailers are an excellent option for compact living, but there is an intense debate in the RV community about their RV status. So what is it?! Read more to find out Is a Travel Trailer an RV?

8: Timberline Trailer

The Timberline from HomeGrown Trailers has a natural look in a teardrop design. It contains a wet bath with a compost toilet.

And it sleeps up to five people with a queen bed and your option of three bunk beds or a dinette. It also offers 600-800 watts of solar power and is insulated with wool. It’s innovative and made of sustainable, non-toxic materials.

9: Oliver Travel Trailer

Oliver Travel Trailers are compact, modern, and have off-grid capabilities. They’re made of a dual hulled fiberglass shell. There’s an 18.5 foot and 23.6-foot version of this camper.

Each has a wet bath with a sink, shower, and toilet. The modern interior decor of these small RV trailers sets them apart. They’re luxurious and durable.

Still Hate Small RV Trailers? 

We could get on board with any of these small RV trailers. Fun, cute, and easily towable, they’re all quality builds. Whether you’re in the market for a small travel trailer or are just looking, we hope you can appreciate these gems. If you get a chance to walk through one, you’ll see what we mean.

You may be surprised at how many features these tiny homes on wheels have. Are you ready to try one of these small RV Trailers?

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