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Take a Road Trip to Stephen King’s House This Halloween

Take a Road Trip to Stephen King’s House this Halloween

For Stephen King fans, books like “The Stand” and “The Shining” are hallowed, but his house is a mecca.

So, this Halloween, how about taking a road trip to visit the home of the master of horror? What would be a more fitting way to celebrate the scariest time of the year than to visit Stephen King’s house?

Let’s check it out for ourselves!

Where Does Stephen King Live?

You’ll find the former house of Stephen King in Bangor, Maine. Despite his popularity and fortune, King lived in his home state up until a few years ago. Now he resides in sunny Florida on Casey Key, a barrier island on the west coast.

But for any fan of Stephen King, you know that he holds Maine close to his heart. The state appears numerous times in his novels. For example, the house where they filmed “Pet Sematary” (based on a King novel by the same name) is in Hancock, Maine. Thomas Hill Standpipe, which was the inspiration for the Standpipe in “It,” is also in Bangor.

King’s former residence in Bangor now sits empty but has become a popular tourist attraction. Staring into this mansion, devoid of life, seems fitting for King fans. This is where he was inspired to write “It,” so it’s a perfect location for fans to connect with their beloved author.

Pro Tip: Bangor, Maine is just 50 miles north of Acadia National Park. So after exploring Stephen King’s haunted house, make sure to Spend a Day in Acadia National Park.

Front shot of Stephen King's Bangor, Maine home.
Stephen King’s house now sits empty, making it even spookier for horror fanatics.

Can You Really Visit Stephen King’s House?

You can’t actually go into Stephen King’s house.

But there is a tour company that takes fans around the town of Bangor called SK Tours of Maine, LLC.

They offer a Stephen King tour where fans can visit 20 of the 30 sites that inspired King’s writing in about three hours. Depending on the season, adult tickets cost $50-$55. This company has been giving tours for almost two decades.

What Can You Expect from a Visit?

Stephen King’s house sits on a quiet street where other locals live in Bangor. Many fans park on the street, take a stroll over to the house, and grab a few photos. The area residents are used to fans invading their street and often strike up conversations with visitors.

An unusual fence featuring spiders, bats, and dragons surrounds the Victorian-style mansion. But other than drooling over your favorite author’s former residence, there isn’t much more to do there.

Pro Tip: If Stephen King has you craving more spooky spots, make sure to check out these 13 Most Haunted Places in the U.S. (Ideal for Fall Road Trips).

Two people cosplaying in Stephen King costumes.
The King of Horror’s house is a fun stop for fans exploring Bangor, Maine.

Should You Stop By Stephen King’s House This Halloween?

If you’re a Stephen King fan, a visit to his home in Bangor, Maine, probably should make the top of your bucket list. There’s an almost supernatural connection that fans feel with the king of horror as they stand in front of the mansion. On the other hand, if you’re not familiar with King’s works and aren’t a big fan of the movies or novels, this is probably a tourist attraction you can skip.

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do this Halloween, consider taking a trip to Maine to explore not just Stephen King’s house but all of the sites that inspired his writings.

Fans of King say it’s a must-stop while traveling through the northeast. But if “Carrie” or “11/22/63” or “‘Salem’s Lot” means nothing to you, then Bangor will probably be a wasted trip when you could spend Halloween elsewhere. So, are you heading up to Maine anytime soon?

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