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The Best 12-Volt Appliances for Your RV

The Best 12-Volt Appliances for Your RV

Adding 12-volt appliances to your RV can help you stay off-grid longer and save energy overall. In fact, running items off the RV battery gives you so much more flexibility.

Imagine stopping at a rest stop and making your favorite coffee in a 12-volt coffee maker. Conveniences like this are a game-changer for road trips.

Today, we’ll check out the 11 best 12-volt appliances on the market.

Let’s dive in!

11 Best 12-Volt Appliances for Your RV

We’ve compiled the top 11 appliances you can add to your RV. They include modern comforts and practical items for everyday use.

Couple sitting happily in their RV.
Make RV living easier and comfier with 12-volt appliances.

1: 12-Volt Kettle

You can plug this kettle into any 12-volt electrical outlet in your RV or vehicle. Made of food-grade plastic and stainless steel, it’s safe and reliable. It automatically turns off once the water is boiling and has an over-temperature protection device, which turns it off when it reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The kettle has a 1,000 mL capacity.

2: 12-Volt Immersion Heater for Beverages and Soups

Are you looking for something lightweight to boil water or heat beverages and soups on the go? Bewinner’s immersion water heater is a small and easily transportable 12-volt appliance.

Made of durable stainless steel and bakelite material, it’s heat-resistant, dust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. The portable heater runs between 120 to 140 watts. 

3: 12-Volt Clip-On Fan – Cool Appliance

Whether you’re boondocking or on the go, a 12-volt fan comes in handy and saves on energy. This clip-on fan can rotate 360 degrees, and the base also rotates. You can also adjust the fan speed. It has clamps on the back to attach to objects, which also makes it easily portable.

Pro Tip: In the hottest summer months even an RV fan won’t cut it, so here are 15 Ways to Keep Your RV Camper Cool This Summer.

4: 12-Volt LED Light Strips

LED light strips are a great RV accessory. You can put them under cupboards to lighten up a kitchen or in other places around the RV. These colorful, waterproof 12-volt LED light strips are 32.8 feet long for indoor or outdoor use.

They have backing tape with long-lasting adhesion, making them tangle-free, unlike regular light strips. Adjust the colors and brightness via remote control. They’ll last 50,000 hours.

5: 12-Volt Rice Cooker

Traveling with a 12-volt rice cooker allows you to cook rice, quinoa, oatmeal, or pasta when your RV is on or off shore power. This one-liter, 450-watt rice cooker is made of durable food-grade PP material. It’s high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

The liner is grade Zinc Alloy, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. 

6: 12-Volt Heated Blanket – Cozy Appliance

A heated blanket is a great alternative rather than turning on your RV’s propane furnace on chilly nights. This 12-volt heated fleece blanket warms up quickly. It has a 96-inch cord, which comes in handy for moving around your space. The blanket is 59 by 43 inches, 100% polyester, and spot clean only. 

7: 12-Volt Carbon Monoxide and Propane Leak Detector

A 12-volt carbon monoxide and propane leak detector are must-haves for any RV. Whether you’re running off the RV battery or hooked up to shore power, you’ll know the second things go wrong. Safe-T-Alert’s detector alarms when there’s a carbon monoxide or propane leak. It’s a universal fit and mounts flush to the wall.

Pro Tip: Propane fuel is a useful tool in RVs, but it can also be very dangerous to use. Unsure of how to use it correctly? Read more to find out When is RV Propane Dangerous?

8: 12-Volt Evaporative Cooler

A mini air conditioner fan to keep you cool when you only have 12-volt power can be a game-changer. This 12-volt evaporative cooler fan has two speeds and consumes minimal energy.

You simply add cold water to the tank, and the fan blows cool air. It also helps reduce air humidity. 

9: VIAIR 12-Volt Portable RV Air Compressor

Having a portable air compressor on board is a smart choice. It can be beneficial for your RV tires, inflatable kayak, or bike tires. VIAIR’s 12-volt portable RV air compressor has a 150 PSI maximum.

It comes with a tire inflation gun and gauge, a built-in pressure switch, air hose, carrying case, and RV accessories.

10: 12-Volt Coffee Maker – Possibly the Best Appliance

Coffee lovers will appreciate a 12-volt portable coffee maker appliance. You can use it in your RV or car, as long as you have a 12-volt plug. The Papa Long single-serve coffee maker is compatible with k cup pods and ground coffee. It can hold five ounces and prepare your coffee in five to seven minutes.

11: 12-Volt Ceramic Heater

Keep yourself warm with this portable heater. Original Tractor Cab’s 12-volt direct hook-up ceramic heater and fan sit on a swivel base. It weighs three pounds and is 300 watts. 

12-Volt Appliances for Every Day Use

These 12-volt appliances are awesome and can make life better every day, but what if your RV doesn’t have a 12-volt plug? You can purchase a converter to plug into a regular outlet. As long as that outlet gets the power to it when your RV house battery is on, you’ll be all set to use offshore power. Which of these 12-volt appliances do you have or want?

Close up of yellow 12 V plug on a yellow background.
12 volt appliances are great options to make every day life even better.

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