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How Much Does a Mobile RV Wash Cost?

How Much Does a Mobile RV Wash Cost?

Imagine rolling into an RV resort at the end of a week-long trip through wind and rain. This is the perfect time to call a mobile RV wash service and let them do the dirty work for you.

Dirt and grime cover your rig. Bugs splatter across the grill, and grime streaks the windows.

You’re exhausted and the last thing you want to think about is washing and waxing the RV. But your filthy motorcoach needs some immediate attention.

Let’s find out how much it’ll cost!

What Is a Mobile RV Wash?

If you want someone else to clean your RV but don’t want to take the vehicle to a stationary truck wash, you can hire a mobile service to come to you. Some are very popular at RV parks, and use the existing water hook-ups to clean your rig. Others offer more remote service and bring their own water and cleaning supplies. 

Where Can You Find Mobile RV Wash Services?

You can find many mobile RV wash businesses in larger communities. Some enterprising business owners have found this niche is a great opportunity and offer it wherever RVs convene en masse. The best way to locate a service that will come to you is to check with local RV parks, truck stops, and chambers of commerce.

You can also run a Google search.

What’s Included in a Mobile RV Wash Service?

Many independent mobile RV wash businesses offer several service levels, starting with a basic wash and dry. Beyond that, they might offer to wax, renew the headlights, and restore the paint with an oxidation-removing cleanser.

The cost for each of these services varies by business, vehicle size, and time involved.

What Does Mobile RV Detailing Include?

Interior detailing of any RV usually consists of vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, and deep cleaning of the bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. They may also do a stain treatment and shampoo the carpets.

Conditioning of leathers and vinyl is also part of the process, as well as cleaning of all appliances and detailed cleansing of the driver’s cabin. 

How Much Does a Mobile RV Wash Cost?

Most general RV washes cost about $5 per foot, making them $100 to $450. This service just covers the basic cleaning of the exterior of your rig. If you include waxing and interior detailing, the cost can go as high as $45 per foot.

Some mobile RV washing businesses price their services based on the amount of work involved, so you might need to get a quote.

How Long Does a Mobile RV Wash Take?

Exterior washing and drying of an RV usually takes a couple of hours, depending on the amount of road grime and the size of the rig. If you want more complex services, the timeframe can extend up to eight hours and possibly beyond.

For instance, removing oxidation and buffing the paint job on a large motorcoach can take seven to eight hours.

How Often Should You Have Your RV Washed?

Generally, an RV can use a good bath about once a month unless you encounter other nuisances that contribute more muck to your rig. For instance, if you park under trees where birds frequent or take your trailer four-wheeling through muddy trails, it may need washing more often.

Benefits of Regular RV Washing

There are several reasons to utilize a mobile RV wash service regularly. Here are just a few.

Make Paint and Decals Last Longer

With consistent washing, RV owners can extend the life of their rigs. Over the course of travel and time, vehicle paint can oxidize, and decals will peel due to sun exposure. Many mobile RV wash services offer a custom restoration process that removes the oxidation and brings back much of the luster.

Discover Any Cracks or Potential Leak Spots Immediately

Any thorough mobile RV washer will detect cracks in caulk, separations, and openings that might not be noticeable with daily use. This will give the owner time to repair and maintain any trouble spots before they become larger problems.

Keep Your RV Looking Good

A clean rig reflects an owner who takes pride in their RV. In addition, it’s always nice to keep your RV looking its best as you travel.

Is a Mobile RV Wash Worth the Cost? 

For those wishing only to clean the exterior of their RV, the cost of using a mobile service might seem a bit extravagant. But saving RV owners time and mess can be a great value. Those utilizing interior detail services will find their rigs feel brand new after a deep clean. If time and comfort are important to you, a mobile RV wash service could be invaluable. Have you ever used one?

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  1. Ed Hibbs says:

    Regarding RV washes:

    The RV truck wash in Fresno CA does a really good job on RVs. I pay extra to have the roof washed & the motorhome dried. My 35′ Class A diesel pusher is under $100 including the extras making that just under $3 per foot. There are others, Camping World for example, that charge a lot more.
    I’ve had a mobile service come to my home to wash & wax it for $250 which is just over $7 a foot & they did a great job. I had quotes of up to $350 for this which equates to $10/foot.
    Seems like your prices are really high or I’m just getting a better deal.

    Thanks for the great articles.