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5 Best Small Travel Trailers with Bathrooms in 2022

5 Best Small Travel Trailers with Bathrooms in 2022

A travel trailer with a bathroom can broaden your options for campsites.

You can boondock in the wilderness, winter camp when facilities are closed, and even use your bathroom at a rest stop on the highway.

Having a toilet and shower onboard can enhance your travel experiences more than you may think.

Let’s take a look at small travel trailers that have bathrooms and their advantages.

Do Small Travel Trailers Have Bathrooms? 

You can find some small travel trailers with bathrooms. More and more manufacturers are adding bathrooms to their tiniest floor plans. This is because they’re listening to customers who have been traveling longer, farther, and deeper off the beaten path in recent years.

And these factors make the need for a toilet and shower in your vacation home (or full-time home) on wheels all the more important.

Trailer Wet Versus Dry Bathroom

While small travel trailers with bathrooms exist, there’s still very little square footage. This can make outfitting one with a bathroom challenging, which brings us to a wet bath versus a dry bath.

A wet bath can be the space saver needed to provide the amenity of a bathroom and still have adequate living and sleeping quarters. 

A wet bath is when a sink and toilet are in the shower. In other words, they’re all in one contained space. The shower may get the sink and toilet wet when the shower is running.

A dry bath provides a separate shower from the sink and toilet area. The shower is enclosed and functions like one in a traditional house. However, a dry bath offers the convenience of keeping the sink and toilet dry, and the bathroom area is usually larger than a wet bath.

So when you’re shopping for a small travel trailer with a bathroom, it’s good to keep in mind how important a large or dry bathroom is to you versus a space-saving wet bath. 

Keep in mind: These are the unfortunate truths of RV wet baths.

5 Best Small Travel Trailers with Bathrooms

Let’s check out the five best small travel trailers with bathrooms. Either a large SUV or a small truck can tow any of these.

1. Casita Liberty Deluxe

The Casita Liberty Deluxe is a 17-ft, single axle travel trailer. It has a dry weight of 2,480 lbs. The Liberty Deluxe can sleep two people with a dinette that converts into a double or king-size bed. There’s also a kitchen with a sink, stovetop, storage cabinets, and refrigerator.

In addition, this small travel trailer with a bathroom includes a shower, sink, and toilet. 

Type of Bathroom: Wet bath

MSRP: Starts at $25,694

2. Lance 1575

The Lance 1575 is 15-ft-9-in and has a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 3,700 lbs. It has a sleeping capacity of up to four people with a queen bed and dinette that converts into a double bed.

The dinette is on a slide-out, providing extended floor space and room to maneuver. In addition, the Lance 1575 has a full-size dry bathroom with a shower, toilet, and ceiling fan. 

Type of Bathroom: Dry bath

MSRP: Starts at $40,000

3. Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max is a 17-ft-2-in teardrop camper with a GVWR of 3,500 lbs. It can sleep two people on the dinette conversion bed. There’s a small kitchen in this tiny camper with modern decor and features.

It has a wet bath with a shower and toilet. The bath features a glass shower door from floor to ceiling so that all of the water stays inside. 

Type of Bathroom: Wet bath

MSRP: Starts at $40,000

4. TAB 400

NuCamp’s TAB 400 is an 18-ft-3-in teardrop camper that can sleep three people. There’s a full bed and a dinette that converts into a single bed. This solar-equipped small travel trailer with a bathroom has a dry weight of 2,840 lbs.

In addition, it has a wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink. 

Type of Bathroom: Wet bath

MSRP: Starts at $45,000

5. Airstream Caravel 16RB

Airstream’s Caravel 16RB is 16-ft-5-in and can sleep four people. It has a double bed and a dinette that converts into an additional bed for two. The single axle travel trailer has a GVWR of 4,300 lbs.

Its wet bath is European-style with a shower, toilet, and sink. In addition, you can use the showerhead pass-through for an outdoor shower.

Type of Bathroom: Wet bath

MSRP: Starts at $70,500

What Are the Benefits of a Small Travel Trailer? 

A small travel trailer has multiple benefits. For starters, it’s easy to tow, maneuver, and park. Many lightweight options allow you to tow with an SUV. And having a short RV allows you to park nearly anywhere.

National park and state park campgrounds often have size limitations, so a small travel trailer comes in handy. 

Is a Bathroom a Necessity?

While a bathroom isn’t always a necessity, it’s nice to have. It’s definitely possible to have a small travel trailer with a bathroom. This can level up your experience when you’re boondocking or in a campground.

Having your own bathroom is more hygienic and efficient. It’s nice to come back from the day’s adventures and clean up in your space without having to walk to a public bathroom. 

Is a Small Travel Trailer with a Bathroom Worth It? 

We think having a small travel trailer with a bathroom is worth the investment. It gives you more options for campsites that lack public bathrooms and showers.

Having a self-contained camping unit also helps promote leaving no trace when boondocking on public lands. Of course, the downside of adding a bathroom to a travel trailer is that the cost increases. But in the end, we think you’ll be happy with a toilet and shower.

Do you prefer a dry bath or a wet bath?

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