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Aluminum Frame Trailers Are Superior to Wooden Frames

Aluminum Frame Trailers Are Superior to Wooden Frames

The saying “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” can apply to trailers too, especially comparing aluminum versus wood frames.

Construction materials can determine the quality of the finished product. RV manufacturers often use wood during construction, which typically results in an inferior product.

Today, we’ll look at why you should choose a superior aluminum frame instead of a wooden frame.

Let’s go!

Aluminum Frames Are Better Than Wood in a Camper

Many manufacturers choose to use wood because it’s not only lighter but also more flexible. These are logical reasons why manufacturers choose wood but choosing aluminum results in a premium product.

Aluminum is also incredibly lightweight, and you won’t have to worry about it rotting should it get wet. This can be beneficial as RVs are prone to leaks, and extensive damage can occur. By choosing aluminum, the final product is also more durable and likely to last longer than a wooden frame.

Aluminum frames are overall better frames.

However, don’t let the premium price tag surprise you. If you want a superior product, you’re going to need to pay a premium price.

5 Reasons Why an Aluminum Frame Is Superior

We’ve got a handful of reasons why you should consider an aluminum frame trailer. Let’s take a look!

1. Aluminum Doesn’t Rot

When an RV experiences water damage, anything made of wood is typically a complete loss. This can be especially bad for RVs because some leaks can go undetected for weeks, months, or even years.

By the time you discover the leak, it could have already done a lot of damage.

When wood is wet and left to sit, rot sets in. Once that happens, it’s not going to be a minor repair. If the frame begins to rot, you’ll soon have significant issues with walls, doors, and other items staying level or even upright. Replacing a door frame, wall, or cabinets isn’t a fun project.

2. Aluminum Is Lightweight

Having a lightweight RV enables you to tow your trailer with a smaller truck. This means you might not need to upgrade to the largest or most powerful truck. If you’ve looked at truck prices lately, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you don’t need to upgrade.

Improved fuel economy is an additional benefit of a lightweight trailer. So while you may pay more upfront, you can save a tremendous amount of money at the pump with a lightweight aluminum frame RV.

3. Aluminum Is More Durable

One of the perks of a well-built RV is being able to take it practically anywhere.

There might be a fun and exciting boondocking spot, but it requires navigating a rough road to get to it. With a more durable aluminum frame, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about damage to the frame or structure.

These frames can withstand the potholes and bumps you encounter on your adventures.

4. Aluminum Frame Trailers Last Longer

When you’re spending a good chunk of change on a trailer, you want one that will last a long time.

Because aluminum frames are more durable and less susceptible to water damage than wood, they last much longer. Knowing your frame will last for years to come means you can enjoy your RV with peace of mind.

5. Aluminum RV Frames Are Stronger Than Wood

Aluminum frames are substantially stronger than wood, which is why many luxury RV manufacturers choose aluminum frames over wood.

If you want a stronger frame, you shouldn’t consider anything other than aluminum.

Why Is Wood More Common? 

While aluminum is a superior product, many RV manufacturers choose to use wood. There’s a couple of reasons why this is the case, so let’s take a look!

Wood Is Cheaper

When it comes to manufacturing RVs, it’s typically a game of producing the highest quality product as cheaply as possible. This means using the cheapest materials and cutting corners when possible.

This may not be what you, as the customer, want to hear, but it’s the sad truth of the RV industry.

While there’s a market for well-built RVs, most consumers are less concerned about the quality of an RV and more concerned about the price. Until consumers stop buying cheap RVs, RV manufacturers will continue to use wood frames. 

Aluminum Frames Require More Skilled Workers

When manufacturers choose to use aluminum, it requires more skilled workers. It’s not hard to train someone to shoot nails and staples into the wood to hold it together, but it takes a lot more time to train someone to construct with aluminum.

Skilled workers require higher wages than unskilled workers. If the demand isn’t there to justify the increased cost, manufacturers won’t make the change.

So the demand for cheaper RVs and cost savings for manufacturers drives them to choose wood over aluminum.

More Brands and Manufacturers Are Opting for Aluminum

While wood frames once dominated the RV industry, more and more RV manufacturers and brands are jumping on the aluminum bandwagon. With RVing growing in popularity, some brands are looking for every edge to outdo the competition.

We expect more and more manufacturers to start giving aluminum frames a try as the demand continues to increase.

Brands like Airstream, Grand Design, Rockwood, and Heartland are all well-known for using aluminum frames over wood.

Should You Buy an Aluminum Frame RV Trailer? 

Buying the highest quality RV is important, especially if you plan to use it regularly or for full-time traveling. You want a product that will last for years and that you can have confidence in as you travel down the road.

Having a sturdy and well-built RV means you can spend more time adventuring and enjoying your RV and less time making repairs.

Would you choose an aluminum-framed RV over a wood frame?

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