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Multiple RV YouTubers Are Experiencing Burnout

Recently Chad and Tara of “Changing Lanes” did a live video on YouTube expressing their burnout.

They don’t want to let their subscribers down by not creating new content weekly, but it’s becoming exhausting.

Others like Liz and Dennis of “Eat See RV” have followed suit with their own videos.

Let’s dive in and figure out just what is causing RV YouTuber burnout.

What Is Burnout? 

Burnout is when someone gets tired of doing something they used to enjoy. Often, this happens when they’re contending with too much responsibility or sky-high expectations.

This can happen with the RV lifestyle. A family travels for a year or two and then begins to experience burnout from the stress and challenges of RV living.

This can also happen to RV YouTube influencers.

Multiple RV YouTubers Are Experiencing Burnout

As the RV industry has exploded over the last couple of years, YouTube influencers have welcomed hundreds, if not thousands, of new subscribers.

These new RVers have been looking to these RV YouTubers to explain the ins and outs of RVing, give camping tips, show amazing places to visit, and more. Even though many of these YouTubers put out great content, they’re facing tremendous expectations to get new videos out every week.

Some of them have other jobs. Many of them have families to take care of. And the responsibility they feel to their internet subscribers is causing burnout.

Why Are So Many RV Life Content Creators Facing Burnout? 

There are numerous reasons why these RV life content creators are facing burnout.

Many of them are experiencing more than one of these reasons.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Constant Need to Come Up With Content

Because new RVers have subscribed to their channels, many RV life content creators feel responsible for creating new content every week. This pressure is exhausting.

If they miss a week because their travel plans changed or a family member came down with an illness, their subscriber count goes down, their videos don’t show up first in a search, and their income decreases.

Pro Tip: Unsure if your budget will cover RV life? We uncovered Is Cheap RV Living Fact or Fiction?

Woman vlogging.
Being a full time youtuber can become quite exhausting!

Constant Travel Is Stressful and Exhausting

The travel lifestyle is stressful and exhausting without the responsibility of creating content as well. Add that role to the mix, and RV YouTubers are feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

Just like every other RVer, they’re dealing with the stress of making last-minute reservations, making repairs to their RV, and planning the best, safest route for their next trip.

And because they feel the constant need to develop new content, they have to continue traveling. They don’t remain in one location for very long.

Pro Tip: Avoid burnout by removing as much stress as possible. On travel days make sure to use the RV 2/2/2 Rule!

Editing Videos Takes Hours Upon Hours

According to “Eat See RV,” for every one minute of video, it can take an hour to edit. Thus a 20-minute video could take up to 20 hours to edit and get uploaded to YouTube.

Over the course of a couple of days, this doesn’t seem too bad.

But when you consider travel days plus spending time actually enjoying the scenery with their family, these content creators are spending a huge part of their week filming, editing, and uploading videos.

Person editing video on laptop.
Editing YouTube videos take surprisingly longer than one would think!

Many YouTubers Also Have Other Jobs

Did you know that many YouTubers aren’t earning full-time income to sustain their travels via YouTube? It might have started as a hobby and grown over the years, and it might even be a substantial part of their income. But many of them have other jobs.

If they spend two days filming and editing a YouTube video, they still need to get their other work done.

This puts a lot of pressure on them and takes away from the time they could be spending enjoying the outdoors with their families.

RV Life Popularity Is Making It Harder to Get Into Destinations

Just like the explosion of the RV industry has led to new subscribers, it has also led to campgrounds selling out as well as National Parks and other popular destinations limiting entries.

These content creators are traveling too and struggling to make reservations and explore new areas. Because of the pressure to put out new content, they’re feeling burnout because they feel like they can’t meet subscribers’ expectations.

Filming Makes Everything Take 3 Times Longer

Visiting the Dry Tortugas National Park with your family is an amazing experience. It’s one to remember for a lifetime. But when you’re responsible for filming your visit too, it becomes not quite as enjoyable.

You’re not just walking around taking it in but coming up with conversation and educational points to show others. You have to stop, film, and then redo.

Then you go to the next site and stop, film, and then redo. It can become exhausting.

Man vlogging.
YouTube can be fun, but does have some downsides.

Can RV YouTube Be a Full-Time Income? 

Some RV YouTubers earn a full-time income through their content, but it’s rare.

Seasoned RVers Marc and Trisha Leach of “Keep Your Daydream” earn a full-time income through YouTube. But even top YouTubers like “Less Junk More Journey” and “RV Love” seemingly diversify their income sources.

Many YouTubers make a couple of hundred dollars up to maybe a couple of thousand dollars a month.

Cut RV Life Creators Some Slack — Content Creation Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

If you’ve subscribed to several RV life content creators’ accounts, please cut them some slack. You don’t want them to stop producing quality videos, so let them take a break.

If they miss a week, don’t abandon them. Cheer them on for taking a physical, mental, and emotional health check. We all need these videos to keep coming out.

They’re helpful as we all dream, plan, and live the RV life. Which RV influencers do you follow?

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