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What is the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin?

What is the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin?

The Beast of Bray Road is a mysterious creature people report seeing in Wisconsin. 

Despite the lack of evidence, though, the beast has numerous followers. 

But what exactly is it? And is it a howling good time to visit?

We’ll tell you what we know. Let’s dive in!

About the Beast of Bray Road

The Beast of Bray Road is aptly nicknamed “the Wisconsin Werewolf.” Like the Mothman or the Jersey Devil, the Beast of Bray Road is a regional mythical creature or cryptid. 

The first reported sighting of the Beast of Bray Road was in 1936 when a night watchman described seeing the beast. Though its howl terrified him, it didn’t threaten him or any property. 

In the 1980s, people reported enough sightings that the media took notice. Witnesses describe the beast as large (around 6ft tall) and covered in fur, but not everyone agrees about the rest. 

The Beast of Bray Road has been the focus of several books and documentaries, as well as a horror movie titled “The Beast of Bray Road.”

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Where Can I Find the Beast of Bray Road?

The Beast of Bray Road was first reported in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. That town is 40 miles southwest of Milwaukee in a farming community.

Beast of Bray Road
Beware of the Beast of Bray Road when exploring Wisconsin!

Is There a Book About the Beast of Bray Road?

Linda Godfrey was a reporter assigned to cover beast sightings in the ’90s. She grew more interested and is now the authority on the Beast of Bray Road.

In her book, Godfrey gives a thorough history of the sightings, comparing and contrasting details. She also digs into the lore of indigenous people who lived on the land to draw parallels. 

You can find the book” on Amazon.

Is There a Movie About the Beast of Bray Road?

“The Beast of Bray Road” is a 2005 horror movie directed by Leigh Scott. It was a straight-to-DVD release focusing on a sheriff who investigates the beast’s attacks. Reviews are low-to-middling. One reviewer said the filmmakers didn’t know the difference between Bigfoot and a werewolf. Ouch. 

That said, if you enjoy B movies, you can still add Scott’s movie to your collection.

Woman hiking in Wisconsin.
If the Beast of Bray Road doesn’t scare you, take on some stunning hikes while in Wisconsin.

Best Hikes Near Bray Road, Wisconsin

Price Park Trail Loop

This 1.3-mile loop is suitable for all skill levels. Reviewers praise the woodland area and spring-fed pond. They also report that the trail is well-maintained and has benches throughout. 

You’ll cross a stream at two crossings on the Red trail, while the Brown trail takes you around a pond. The Blue trail winds in and out of the forest along the prairie. Throughout the hike, you’ll see wetlands, grasslands, and wildflowers. There are picnic areas, and there’s also a shelter you can rent for events. 

Some sites say dogs aren’t allowed, but that’s not accurate. Not only are dogs allowed, but there are two dog parks here, one for large breeds and one for small.

Pro Tip: While hiking in Wisconsin, make sure to keep an eye out for these 7 Amazing Waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Scuppernong Loop

Scuppernong Loop is a moderate 5.3-mile loop, though you can connect with other trails to lengthen your hike. The route is well-marked, and you can connect to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail from here.

During winter, the park doesn’t allow snowshoeing or hiking. However, if you want to brave the Wisconsin cold and try classical-stride skiing, you can enjoy the beautiful snow-covered evergreens.

Best Camping Near Bray Road, Wisconsin

Country View Campground

Country View Campground has 159 sites, all with full hookups. Reviewers have found a lot to love. The petting zoo here is one of the more popular amenities. The (reportedly) nice owners have some goats and donkeys (and no mysterious beasts) your family can enjoy meeting. As far as more typical amenities, the campground is clean, as is their pool. 

The campground requires a minimum two-night reservation. They close annually for part of the year, so check Country View’s policies before making the trip. 

The last reported rate was $40. 

Mukwonago Park

The county maintains the park, and it’s on a vast stretch of land with many wild animals passing through. A glacier-formed ridge stretches nearly the whole park, allowing for expansive views. One area includes pre-settlement plants like burr oak and shagbark. 

Mukwonago has 30 dry camping sites, plus restrooms and outdoor activities. 

The current rate is $18.

Is a Road Trip to Find the Beast of Bray Road Worth It? 

If you’re really into the story of the Beast or other cryptids, it might be fun searching for it. Elkhorn occasionally hosts conferences where people come together to discuss the Beast. If you’d like to learn more, look up when those events are taking place. 

Without the promise of the beast, Elkhorn is not the most exciting vacation option. If you spend time in Milwaukee and want a weekend getaway, then a trip to Elkhorn could be worth it for the hikes alone.

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