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Is Nicolas Cage’s Tomb Open for Public Viewing?

Ever wonder what the actor Nicolas Cage’s tomb looks like? Or, considering he’s alive and well, has that never occurred to you? 

Either way, he’s gotten an early start on the afterlife by building himself a fancy tomb. 

While we can’t fully explain why Cage built his tomb there, we can tell you where to see it.

Let’s take a look!

The Story of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage, born in 1964, is known for his intensity on- and off-screen. Director Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle and fostered Cage’s love of acting. He quit high school to start his career, debuting in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” in 1982. 

He gained fame for his diversity after starring in “Moonstruck,” “Birdy,” “Raising Arizona,” and “Wild At Heart.” In 1994, Cage won a Best Actor Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas.” Since then, Cage has mainly acted in action movies, including the National Treasure franchise.

Cage is known for “method acting,” a technique where actors fully inhabit their roles. While preparing for some parts, he swallowed live cockroaches, cut his arm, and pulled two teeth. 

Cage has been married to other celebrities such as Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley. 

Nicolas Cage's tomb.
Nicolas Cage’s tomb can be found in New Orleans.

Where Is Nicolas Cage’s Tomb?

Nicolas Cage’s Tomb is in St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans. The cemetery was established in 1789 and, due to New Orleans’ regular flooding, has all the graves above ground. 

Can You Visit Nicolas Cage’s Tomb?

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is currently not open to even guided tours due to vandalism issues. (It’s available by appointment by those visiting family tombs.) Once it does reopen, you’ll be able to see Nicolas Cage’s tomb. 

In fact, you won’t be able to miss it. It’s a nine-foot stone pyramid! He won’t say why he chose this design. Though many locals don’t like him having a plot there, tourists love it and have begun leaving lipstick kisses. 

The cemetery is attractive to wanderers and vandalists because of a tomb even more legendary than Cage’s. Marie Laveau was known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, and she’s become a kind of folk saint for the city. 

In New Orleans, Catholicism blended with the slaves’ Haitian voodoo, and Laveau practiced both faiths. She was born in the late 1800s and was a free person of color. Some say she was a hairdresser, and that’s how she gained the confidence of even wealthy white ladies. Laveau performed ceremonies in Congo Square and sold magical remedies. 

Laveau’s fame has only grown since her death in 1881. There’s a local legend that people may petition her for help by leaving offerings and drawing three x’s on her tombstone. Unfortunately, many people took her reputation as an invitation to gather illicitly and graffiti St. Louis Cemetery #1. Rumors say that Cage thought it’d be good luck to build his tomb near hers.

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Graveyard in New Orleans.
There are many famous tombs to be explored throughout New Orleans.

How Much Did Nicolas Cage Spend on His Tomb?

Probably between $40,000-$60,000. Sources differ on the actual number. This estimate seems a little low to put a nine-foot pyramid in a 300-year-old cemetery, but we’re not experts on that.

Cage is known for his lavish purchases and once owned 15 different residences. He’s also purchased a dinosaur skull, the first Superman comic, two castles, a pet octopus, and shrunken pygmy heads.

Things To Do Near Nicolas Cage’s Tomb

Museum of Death

The Museum of Death exhibits historical mortuary, taxidermy, and serial killer memorabilia. Naturally, this museum is not for everyone. However, if you have a taste for the macabre, this museum has hundreds of artifacts. Self-guided tours are $15 and take about 45 minutes. 

Photography and cell phone usage are permitted. There are no strict age guidelines, but a parent must accompany children. Finally, the staff cautions that people have fainted and to come prepared. 

There is also a location in Hollywood, California, which features entirely different exhibits on the same themes.

The Voodoo Museum

Owing to the merging cultures, New Orleans has a voodoo history, unlike any other US city. Learn about it at the Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter. 

You can do a self-guided museum tour for $8 to learn more about the voodoo faith and see sacred art and objects. The museum also offers guided tours of voodoo heritage sites; check with them about current offerings. 

Best Camping Near Nicolas Cage’s Tomb

French Quarter RV Resort

The significant advantage to this campground is its location. It’s near the French Quarter, where it can be rather expensive to stay and park. Though the current rates are around $105, that’s comparatively an excellent deal. 

The resort has full hookups, cable, free WiFi, a hot tub, a pool, laundry, and showers. Visitors report that the sites were level (some grass, some paved), and they felt safe inside the gated park. 

Pro Tip: New Orleans has RV park options to fit every type of RVers needs. Check out these 7 Best New Orleans RV Parks with Video Tours.

New Orleans RV Resort & Marina (formerly Pontchartrain Landing)

This site was known as Pontchartrain Landing but is now under new management and a new name.

Here, you’ll still be close to the city but a little farther out on Lake Pontchartrain. They have a shuttle, but please make sure it’s running ahead of time. 

Some reviewers write that website photos aren’t accurate. However, most reviews are favorable, mentioning a clean and friendly park with full hookups. It’s gated for security. The drawbacks most mentioned are poor WiFi and narrow spaces. 

Is a Trip to Nicolas Cage’s Tomb Worth It? 

A trip to New Orleans is always worth it. In fact, you don’t need a reason. 

There’s no way of knowing when St. Louis Cemetery #1 will re-open, but don’t let that stop you from exploring a wonderful city. Also, we hear Cage sometimes visits his tomb, and that’d be something to see, even from a distance.

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