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Where Is Chris Farley’s Grave?

He was one of the brightest stars of the 1990s, bringing countless laughs and incredible energy to Saturday Night Live (SNL) viewers and those attending his string of box office hits.

But while comedian Chis Farley’s life was tragically cut short in 1997, the impact of his work on millions of fans still lives on.

So it’s no wonder that many want to pay their respects to the famous funnyman. If you’ve ever wondered where exactly you’d be able to find Chris Farley’s grave, read on to learn more about the comedian’s final resting place.

Who Is Chris Farley? 

Chris Farley was a famous comedian and actor, best known for his work on SNL in the early 1990s, followed by a string of hit big-screen comedies. Farley grew up in Wisconsin and attended Marquette University, where he studied theater and communications. 

He honed his skills as a member of Chicago’s Second City comedy group before joining SNL in 1990. The late-night sketch show was most of America’s first glimpse of Farley’s physical, high-energy comedy style. Farley’s film career took off following his departure from SNL in the mid-1990s.

He starred in box office hits, including Black Sheep, Tommy Boy, and Beverly Hills Ninja. 

Farley was found dead in his home in Chicago on December 18, 1997. He was 33 years old. An autopsy later confirmed Farley died from a drug overdose, exacerbated by his lifelong struggles with his weight.

Where Is Chris Farley’s Hometown?

Chris Farley was born in Madison, Wis., on February 15, 1964. Home to nearly 270,000 people as of 2020, it’s the state’s second-largest city. Madison became Wisconsin’s territorial capital in the 1830s due to its location. It got its name from U.S. President James Madison, who had died shortly before the city’s establishment in 1836. 

Many streets got their names from signers of the U.S. Constitution. Madison is notable as one of only two major American cities built on an isthmus (a strip of land bounded by two bodies of water, Lakes Mendota and Monona. Madison is also home to the respected University of Wisconsin-Madison, enrolling more than 45,000 students. 

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What Is Chris Farley Famous For? 

Farley was best known for his over-the-top characters like Matt Foley, a motivational speaker who famously “lived in a van down by the river,” and the comically immature auto parts heir Tommy Callahan.

Despite his large size, Farley was also a talented physical comedian for much of his career, using his body to his advantage. He had boundless manic energy, a trait that infused nearly all of his characters and much of his life off-screen as well.

Where Was Chris Farley’s Funeral? 

Chris Farley’s funeral took place at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Madison. The Catholic church is in the western part of the city at 401 South Owen Drive. It took place on December 23, 1997, with hundreds of people attending. Among them were many famous Hollywood names, including friends of Farley like Dan Akroyd, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, John Goodman, and SNL creator Lorne Michaels. 

Notably, Farley’s friend and co-star David Spade didn’t attend the funeral. He revealed two decades later that he felt he wouldn’t have been able to handle it. The Farley family encouraged fans to stay away from the private memorial. The fans respected their wishes. 

Where Is Chris Farley’s Grave? 

Chris Farley’s grave is in Resurrection Cemetery in Madison, Wis., at 2705 Regent Street. A burial ceremony took place here following his funeral. It’s important to note that Chris Farley’s grave does not have a typical gravestone. Farley was interred in the chapel mausoleum behind the altar. His grave bears his full name, Christopher Crosby Farley, and the dates of his birth and death. 

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Can You Visit Chris Farley’s Grave? 

Yes, visitors can visit Chris Farley’s grave. The cemetery is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. While visitation is allowed, it’s crucial to remain respectful.

After all, this is a religious building and the resting place of several people. So do your best to keep your visit brief and be mindful of others. 

Why Visit a Famous Person’s Grave?

To some, the idea of visiting the grave of a person they didn’t know might seem silly or sentimental. But it’s a very common way for fans to pay tribute to individuals who’ve made a significant impact on their lives.

Some view it as a way to prevent the grave’s inhabitant from erasure, while others simply want to gawk at notable tombstones or gravesites. In any case, those visiting should always be respectful and ensure their sightseeing isn’t a problem for those grieving or visiting loved ones nearby. 

Will you pay a visit to Chris Farley’s Grave? Drop a comment below!

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