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RV Rules: Can You Wash Your Camper At An RV Park?

If you spend any time in RV parks, you know that some can have strange rules. We’ve seen many locations that give guests multiple pages of policies to follow during their stay.

If guests don’t follow the rules, the consequences can be pretty severe.

One RV rule that’s pretty common across the country involves washing campers. So can you clean your trailer at an RV park? Let’s look and see!

Can You Wash Your Camper At An RV Park?

Whether you can wash your camper at an RV park depends entirely on each location. Some RV parks prohibit washing your camper altogether, especially in areas where water is expensive or has water restrictions.

Some parks allow it but charge a fee to cover the water usage costs. 

You’ll want to check the rules and regulations for each specific park. Even if you don’t see anything listed explicitly in the regulations, you should ask management for permission. It’s typically better to ask for permission than forgiveness in these situations.

What Are the Consequences Of Breaking the Rules?

Just like the rules and regulations vary by the RV park, so do the consequences. By checking into the campground, you’re agreeing to their policies and the consequences for breaking the rules. Depending on the situation, it could result in an uncomfortable conversation or complete ejection from the park.

RV park owners typically rely on their policies to maintain control and ensure that all guests have a great time. If that’s the case, don’t expect tremendous grace in these situations. Management can tell you that you need to pack up your things and exit the campground immediately.

Your attitude when confronted can play a significant role in the consequences of breaking the rules.

Obviously, asking for forgiveness may reap better results than asking for permission. We’re not advocating it, but we’ve seen it time and again.

What Alternatives Are There?

If you want to keep your RV looking good, there are some alternatives if you can’t wash it in the park. If the campground prohibits washing RVs in the park, you may consider asking if they’d allow you to hire a mobile RV detailer. 

These detailers are typically professionals specializing in cars, RVs, and even boats. They would likely come in with their water and have insurance to cover any potential damages. Knowing that a professional is doing the job often provides the RV park with a little bit of comfort.

However, even if an RV park won’t allow a professional to wash your RV, you can still keep it clean.

You can purchase waterless washes that are safe to use on your RV’s exterior. This will take a bit more elbow grease but can do a tremendous job of keeping your RV shining until you can get to a location that allows you to wash your rig, or you can use a truck wash.

Truck washes are a common way RVers use to wash their rigs. They’re common near truck stops and are for semis and other large vehicles.

You’ll need to drive through their facility, and they’ll clean your rig. However, it’s essential to mention that you don’t want them using the brushes on your rig. These can contain rocks and other items that could scratch your RV.

How to Wash Your RV If Allowed

If you’re allowed to wash your RV, you want to be mindful of others. You don’t want to soak your neighbor’s campsite or their belongings. If possible, move to a different location or camp away from others to avoid issues.

You should also conserve water. You may not be paying for the water, but someone is. Using excessive water is wasteful and can lead to RV parks prohibiting washing or increasing fees.

How Often Should You Wash Your RV?

Much like a passenger vehicle, how often you need to wash your RV depends on how often and where you’re using it. If your RV sits in storage a majority of the year, you may only need to wash it a handful of times each year. 

It may be worth washing your RV every other month or every few months if it spends more time on the road than in storage. If you’re using your RV in dusty or muddy locations, you’ll likely need to increase the frequency of washing it.

Why Is It Important to Wash Your RV?

Washing your RV keeps it looking like new and protects it from wear and tear. Keeping dirt and grime off the components of your RV extends their life. When dirt, grime, and salt sits on these surfaces, it can cause them to corrode, which drastically reduces the lifespan of the parts.

Washing your RV can also build protective layers that keep the decals and other surfaces looking new. The sun and other weather conditions can damage your rig, especially if it spends a significant amount of time in them. If you’ve ever seen peeling decals or faded paint jobs, this is typically the result of not keeping it clean or regularly applying protective layers.

Know the Rules At Each RV Park You Visit

If you’re planning to spend time in RV parks, knowing the rules is essential before making reservations. While washing your RV may seem like a minor matter for some, there are some RV parks with quirky restrictions that can become a hassle.

You don’t want to find yourself in violation of a rule or policy and have to cut your stay short. So check the guidelines and always ask any clarifying questions to avoid being on the wrong side of a rule.

What are some quirky RV parks rules you’ve seen during your adventures?

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